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How To Steal The Show Floor One Step At A Time

by Kat Shea 27. July 2011 18:21

Our Client SATCO (above) strategically uses carpet inlays and highlights to showcase their products and complement their open booth design

Trade show booth flooring is commonly overlooked and at times is compromised in an effort to meet smaller exhibiting budgets. Something as seemingly average as exhibit booth flooring can actually impact buying behavior and leverage your trade show performance. Below are some Show Smart trends in booth flooring that will expand your booth footprint in Stand Apart Style.

1) Don’t Cause A Traffic Pile Up
Keep your carpet design clean and simple; platforms, multiple tiers and added height can make set up difficult, cause traffic jams and make your trade show display appear less open and inviting.

2) Count Your Pennies – Watch Your Dollar
Keep in mind that booth flooring will increase the overall weight of your trade show display meaning that shipping and drayage with exponentially surge as well.

3) Consider Your Options
Carpet inlays and highlights are strategic ways to showcase certain areas of your trade show booth without putting a dent your budget. Your carpet can also function as a one dimensional brand stand because you can have your logo embedded in your flooring so as attendees approach your trade show booth space your brand is reinforced from top to bottom.

4) Comfort Your Prospects Every Step of The Way
If you decide to purchase less elaborate carpet, adding luxuriously double padded flooring will make booth attendees more inclined to linger in your booth space. The more comfortable attendees are in your trade show booth, the longer they are apt to stay and chit chat with your sales reps.

5) Tell a story …
Depending on how your trade show booth is set up, you can use flooring to communicate the many functional aspects of your trade show display. Incorporate fun and bright colored carpet in the booth activity area and in the VIP section have a more elegant and formal choice such as dark wenge wood . Flooring coupled with a dynamic display can work with or against your overall brand experience. Make sure that both play off one another.

6) Raise your roof
Raised flooring is a contemporary and chic way to take your competitive edge up a notch and stand apart at your next show.  Just keep in mind, it will cost more in shipping, labor and drayage than your simple fringed friend.  You also have to plan strategically for wire management. 

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An Exhibitors Tale of Show Smart Victory

by Kat Shea 14. July 2011 19:36

(from left to right: Marc Goldberg, Jerry Gerson, Mim Goldberg with their ultra sleek Instand pop-up display)

Marc Goldberg, a veteran exhibitor and co-owner , with Mim, of Marketech360, a company specializing in exhibit staff training and performance measurement, began his trade show trials and tribulations almost 40 years ago!  Fresh out of college, Marc landed his first job requiring his participation at the American Bookseller Show (his very first trade show).  

Inspired and enamored by the hustle and bustle of show and sell, Marc soon after embarked on his challenging journey of training exhibitors to be experts in face to face. Marc saw that there was a void that needed to be filled in terms of providing exhibitors essential training to help measure their trade show performance and improve their face-to-face marketing results.

At this point, all Marc needed was a creative platform to promote his services and bring his brand to LIFE.  Little did Marc know what Show Smart moments lie ahead with his Instand® display!  As soon as Marc was able to get his hands on our revolutionary Instand pop-up display, he took the show on the road! Making its much anticipated debut at TS2 in 1987, since then the Marketech 360 pop-up display has been quite the seasoned traveler, standing behind Marc and Mim 2-3 times EVERY year.  

(Above: Meet Marc and Mim's creative launch pad, seasoned traveler and exhibiting copilot: Instand) 

Instand's ultra portability allowed for Marc to travel from show to show with his display nestled perfectly in the back of his Honda - no need to worry about drayage, I&D and escalating freight costs. Marc's Instand display was his versatile exhibiting co pilot and allowed for him to update his trade show graphics from show to show, year to year. The Marketech Instand display received a lifetime of display versatility in that during its 22 years of exhibiting it never came back once for repairs, now that's a return on investment!

Check out some of Marketech 360's award winning software tools and step by step tutorials  so you can thrive on the show floor 

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Your Chance to Get This Year's "Must Have" Report On Social Media Marketing For Events

by Kat Shea 6. July 2011 18:23

The use of social media marketing in conjunction with face-to-face events continues to rise, earning a coveted spot in the savvy markters event promotional mix. According to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, 70% of exhibit and event marketers are using social media in their event promotions. This explosive growth rate has prompted us to  prepare yet another in our series of Special Reports and we'd like to get your input on this hot topic. Please take our quick 10 question survey.  Survey contributers will be the first to receive our Special Report before its made available to the general public. 

Click here to take our brief survey

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Your Ultimate Guide to Stand Apart Style for Your Trade Show Display

by Kat Shea 5. May 2011 18:10

For months on end, we've been photographing our most exciting new trade show display projects to bring them LIVE to our viewers. Now you can view dozens of dynamic selling environments that fuel product engagement, brand visibility and scale to meet your evolving business needs.

Just download our latest Capabilities Brochure for Show Smart ideas to Stand Apart at your next event. Embedded links enable you to dually thumb through our interactive libraries of exhibit designs and cruise on over to our website for more detailed information. To find the best solution to address your unique exhibiting challenges

Be sure to claim your copy today !!

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How To Use Video on The Show Floor

by Kat Shea 13. April 2011 01:00

You don’t need to be a spawn of Speilberg to create a great take of your company at live events. Below are some Show Smart tips for casting your brand in the limelight.

The SEO Skivvy:
YouTube is quickly becoming the worlds largest search engine behind Google. Welcoming video into your event marketing mix will boost your search rankings.  In fact, your company will be 50 (yes FIFTY) times more likely to appear on 1st page organic search results. Just make sure once you've uploaded your video to You Tube that it is tagged with all of your top keywords, so that it can be indexed properly. 

1) Plan Smart
Like any other marketing tool, you should have a plan in place before the show. Briefly outline the steps following the event to best optimize your footage for: Social Media, Email, YouTube and Mobile. Predetermine with your online team where on your website you will host the video - - a video gallery? your blog? - - and a develop a timeline for uploading to each channel.

2) Show Smart
At the show you can use an ultra portable HD camcorder such the Cisco Flip camera to capture live presentations in your booth, customers interviews and your brand ambassadors engaging with prospects. Keep in mind that the background noise, lighting and volume of the speaker is important to the outcome of your video. If you don't have an “anti shake” setting on your camera, use a tripod for the best results.

3) Share Smart
While the viral nature of video is exciting and gives customers a more personal perception of your brand, make sure to ask subjects for permission to record them. If you plan on repurposing the video for future campaigns you may want to secure a signed release from your subject as to not delay the launch of future campaigns.

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Top Takeaways from Exhibitor 2011

by Kat Shea 4. April 2011 17:49


The largest conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers, Exhibitor2011, took center stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center this week. In between 220 information packed seminars, thousands of attendees hit the show floor in search of cutting edge solutions to address their top challenges.

Attendees were drawn to our gravity defying custom rental trade show exhibit featuring a 400 square foot environment designed to facilitate face-to-face engagement.  We thought we’d share some of our Show Smart strategies on how we drove traffic to our trade show display to help you Stand Apart at your next event. 

Our NomadiTips for Driving Traffic

Comfort Your Prospects Every Step of The Way

Part of giving prospects a positive experience with your brand is ensuring that they feel at ease from the minute they enter your booth.  The more comfortable attendees are in your booth the longer they are apt to stay and chit chat with your sales reps. So something as simple as luxuriously double padded flooring got raves from our visitors. Offering your visitors a seat creates a relaxed atmosphere that can be used to delve into a more personal discussion about their business needs.  Our chic wrap around sofa was the perfect place to engage visitors in a leisurely dialogue with our team.

People Need People
When visitors see a group gathering in your space, it generates curiosity.  Like traffic rubber neckers, visitors slow down to see whats going on to determine whether they want to be included.  So to keep the party going in your booth, use Tweet Ups when foot traffic in the aisles slows down.

Know Your Social Science
Not only is social media a useful platform to promote your presence before the show, but on the show floor it's an essential tool for driving buyers to your display. We strategically scheduled timely tweets when seminars were wrapping up. By monitoring the official event hash tag (ex: #exhibitor2011) we were able encourage key prospects to stop by our booth.

Engage then Enlighten
Whether it's a private consultation, fun filled game or star studded live theatre, provide your visitors with activities that will familiarize them with your brand. Make sure to integrate educational content in the process. Our wide screen monitors played a continuous loop of dazzling display designs and doubled as workstations for website demonstrations. After experiencing our trade show exhibit, visitors were also given a cost estimate of the design as both a purchase and custom rental.


If you missed the fanfare make sure to check out the Show Smart Highlights from Exhibitor and you'll feel like you were there!!

Your Must See List for Exhibitor

by Kat Shea 24. March 2011 18:20

As the eve of Exhibitor quickly approaches us, we invite you to be our special VIP guest.  Join us in booth 1745 at the industries largest exhibit hall and you’ll get the latest scoop on new product innovations, partners and peers.  Make sure to pack up your trade show challenges and bring them to Nomadic Display® where we’ll unleash our Show Smart team of experts on your most daunting dilemmas.  We’ll also show you how these fresh, new solutions will help you Stand Apart at your next trade show or special event:

•    Custom Rental presentations that make a bigger impact on a smaller budget
•    Custom Modular exhibits that expand or contract to serve multiple demands
•    Custom Portable displays that save time and boost your bottom line

Drop by our gravity-defying exhibit #1745 comprised of cascading fabric structures that appear to float midair and don’t forget to claim your complimentary gift and enter our Grand Prize Drawing for a HangTen display, valued at $3,000.  It’s a Show Smart Sensation! 

Maximize your time to meet people, grow and learn; by attaching to our social media channels you’ll receive real time updates on the show floor on our grand prize drawing, tweet ups and more!

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6 steps to jumpstarting your trade show program with QR codes

by Kat Shea 15. March 2011 18:10


QR Codes are fastly becoming a trademark of the mobile marketing world and are growing in popularity.  QR’s have marketers everywhere scrambling to place them in their campaigns. But, how, as a trade show marketer can you integrate QR codes into your face-to-face initiatives? You don’t have to be an IT junkie to appreciate our helpful hints on leveraging these PIXILATED POWERHOUSES.

1) Know your audience
According to comScore, Inc, a leader in measuring the digital world, 45.4 million people own smart phones, which is 19% of all cell phones now active in the U.S.  Does your target audience have smart phones?  If not, your creative use of QR codes may be in vain. See if QR’s are suitable in YOUR marketplace by conducting a poll.

2) Select Your Medium
Establishing where you want to embed your QR codes is the second step to igniting your mobile marketing efforts. They can be incorporated into online and print media.  Plus, you can measure the number of people engaging with your brand through QR codes to help determine the success of your campaigns.

3)Choose Your Platform
You can generate standard QR codes for FREE using a QR code generater like the one available at YouScan.me.com.  You can also purchase customized QR codes with colors or imagery on request.  From a design perspective steer clear of design elements that may border the QR code because it may interfere with the user's scanning process.

4)Reproduction Tips
Make sure your QR code is fully opaque to allow for swift scanning. If the QR codes detract from the aesthetics of your creative artwork, consider applying them discreetly, like on the back of your literature. Be careful when you’re resizing QRs, if they’re too small or too close together it will be difficult to scan which will only irritate users. Make sure that you test your QR code multiple times with different smart phone platforms (Iphone, Blackberry,Android) before sending it to print.

5)Empower Your Viewers
You don’t want prospects to abandon your campaign simply because they’re not supplied with the right scanner.  So make sure to supply your audience with a url where they can download the QR code scanner that will work with all smartphones: Blackberry, IPhone or Andriod. 

6)Track Your Results
Like any other marketing effort you'll want to measure its performance.   based on the scans it receives supply metrics boasting your campaign’s success. Your QR code should direct your audience to a clear call to action such as: a website registration form for VIP passes to your event, a landing page featuring a map to your trade show booth on the show floor or entry into an in-booth contest with a grand prize drawing.

Follow these Show Smart steps and your next event is guaranteed to Stand Apart!!

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Nomadic Takes on EuroShop with Stand Apart Style

by Kat Shea 7. March 2011 22:40

 Download our free whitepaper to SPRINGBOARD your way to Show Smart Success

EuroShop is a must see event for more than 100,000 attendees seeking exhibit design and construction, event management, lighting, flooring, visual marketing, sales promotion, point-of-sale, shop fitting, store furnishings....even information and retail security technology. Accommodating 1,900 exhibitors "takes a village" which is why this exhibition occupies 17 halls in 19 buildings! 

Nomadic Display has been an exhibitor at EuroShop since 1987. As an international organization, we're uniquely capable of producing dynamic selling environments - - from conception to completion - - on both sides of the Atlantic. EuroShop 2011 gave us another opportunity to collaborate on a global scale. Our German office managed the event.  Our Irish team created the custom trade show display, adapting a US concept. And our UK group printed the trade show booth graphics. The result was a vibrant trade show exhibit that reflected current design trends, the evolution of our industry leading legacy products, and our newest product innovations .

For dramatic effect, a printed fabric ring structure hung above a printed fabric crossed arch. A glass bubble chandelier suspended from the center of the ring structure, acrylic bubble stools and effervescent bubble graphic imagery delivered a touch of whimsy to the cool white atmosphere. 

Visitors were greeted by wide screen monitors positioned at the front of the arch featuring a portfolio of Nomadic’s most recent and impressive projects on continuous loop. A semi-circular reception bar placed visitors at the center of it all atop a bold graphic floor.  The wall behind the reception bar featured a map of Nomadic’s robust network of showrooms located around the world and cleverly concealed a storage room.  Wide screen monitors flanking the map offered Internet access for one-on-one website-driven sessions.

Distribution partners from 14 countries were on hand in our trade show booth to greet hundreds of visitors from 50 different countries. If you were one of them - THANK YOU!  But in case you missed us or couldn't attend the show, watch our latest home video and you’ll feel like you were there.

Download our latest product brochure to see how we can help you Show Smart in Stand Apart Style

6 Steps to Exhibiting Magic Part II

by Kat Shea 1. March 2011 18:07

Back by popular demand are 6 more tips from the Trade Show Coach to casting exhibiting magic on your trade show program. 

In the wonderful world of exhibiting, and as the trade show season starts up again don’t you yearn for that magic wand to give a quick magical fix to your trade show trials and tribulations.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have attendees motivated to flock to our trade show booths because they wanted to and not because they had to?  The question is, “what magic can you perform on the trade show floor, to help captivate and charm your prospects’ with your products/services?”  The following six  will give you some irresistible ideas to get your creative sensibilities flowing:

1. Expect the unexpected
Many of history’s greatest discoverers and inventors happened across their major discovery quite unexpectedly.  Often, they were looking for something else.  Remember Christopher Columbus set out looking for India, and lo and behold, look what he found!  What are the two most unexpected things that might mysteriously happen during your next exhibiting experience?

2. Put magic into your thinking
When you ask yourself “what if” questions you stretch your thinking and plant the seeds for creative new ideas.  What if ghosts and goblins were to roam the show floor?  What if exhibit booths could fly around the show hall positioning themselves right in front of your major prospects?  What if people wearing special glasses were the only attendees able to see your exhibit display?  What if you tried this exercise?

3. Slay a dragon
Dragons elicit fears, and fears often stand in the way of you doing new and creative things.  So many exhibitors fear uncharted territory.  You fear the unknown and you fear failure.  Take time to look at those fiendish creatures that hold you back from being and doing all you can before, during and after the show.  What dragons can you slay?

4. Learn from others
There are countless people and situations you can learn from.  The key is being open and receptive, and in essence, being prepared to be a lifelong learner.  Look to the past and learn from historical figures, borrow ideas from innovators, learn from others’ mistakes, use ideas from the patterns and cycles in nature.  Where can you look for some magical theory?

5. Transport people to another place
J.K. Rowling performed incredible magic transporting people around the world to the enchanted magical world of wizards, spells and mythical beasts in her Harry Potter series.  In fact there is a wealth of folklore, mythology and history that shimmers beneath the surface of her stories.  How can the magic you dream up transport your exhibiting program to another level?

6. Go where others fear to tread
When you exercise the courage to do something different, you take a risk.  You have a risk muscle that you keep in shape through regular exercise.  It takes courage, a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure to overcome the scary stuff and seek out unknown opportunities.  How can you exercise your risk muscle?

Here is an exclusive Bonus Tip that I thought I’d add for you to lock away in your exhibiting arsenal
7. Believe in your success
Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”  Believe that the creative ideas you conjure up will bring you untold successes.  Now all you need do is wave your magic wand to put them into action.  Which ideas will you start with?
The moral of the article is to never get caught without your wand, as you never know when you might need it!

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Susan Friedman, the Trade Show Coach, is our featured guest blogger.  She's an industry think tank, author and trainer. Susan helps companies worldwide get the most out of attending trade shows and industry events.  The Trade Show Coach is known in the industry for designing and implementing strategies for show organizers and exhibitors who want to retain and grow their customer base.