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Nomadic Helps SATCO Light Up The Show Floor

by Nomadic Display 10. May 2011 18:11

SATCO is a premier supplier of lighting products including: Hygrade, Nuvo and their new LED line, KolourOne.  SATCO was searching for a creative environment to promote their newly launched LED line, KolourOne in conjunction with their other lighting products and accessories.  SATCO needed a new 40x50' display solution that would enable them to showcase hundreds of lighting products through an innovative and creative platform.

Unlike the strategy used by many of its competitors, SATCO wanted to engage their customers through live interaction with their wide range of lighting products.  So they chose to display over 500 products ranging from bulbs to fixtures and accessories in tangible form versus virtually or through printed brochures.  SATCO also wanted to reduce their event operating costs by using a lighter trade show display that would save them money in transportation.   And they wanted the trade show exhibit to scale down to a 10x20’space for use at smaller events.

Nomadic Display accepted the challenge and developed a trade show display solution for SATCO allowing them OUTSHINE their competitors in Stand Apart style.  Our Solutions Studio designers created a warm and open design aesthetic inviting to SATCOs target audience. Attendees were able to easily identify the SATCO brand on the show floor by the radiant backlit sign placed 16’ above their space.  Attendees were drawn to SATCO’s, inviting, luminous environment where they were able to engage with brands through functional and interactive product display.

The design solution enabled SATCO to achieve maximum display versatility through its ability to reconfigure for use at smaller venues.  Nomadic helped SATCO achieve their goal of reducing operating expenses with a lighter weight solution; by mounting the overhead backlit sign to a central tower, we eliminated the rigging costs associated with ceiling hung installations.

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Nomadic Helps Root Learning G R O W Their Trade Show Presence

by Nomadic Display 3. May 2011 01:59

Root Learning's Booth, 2010

Root Learning combines strategic consulting with creative engagement methods to drive organizational performance. Root has consulted with companies like PepsiCo, Taco Bell, Dow Chemical, and Prudential.  As a veteran exhibitor, Root Learning has invested in display properties ranging from 10’ pop-ups displays all the way up to 30’ islands.  Root contacted 2 Scale, located just 15 minutes from their headquarters in northwest Ohio, regarding their search for a new trade show display to communicate their unique consulting services.

Root Learning expressed their desire for four divisions to be individually represented through one seamless platform. Root wanted a Show Smart design solution for an island display that would scale down for smaller events and would be lighter in weight to save money on shipping expenses. After 2Scale and Root learning had a "meeting of minds", 2Scale went back to the drawing board and came up with an open design solution featuring intersecting archways that would make Root Learning shine on the show floor.

2 Scale teamed up with Nomadic Display to design and produce a solution that would embody Root's modern corporate culture and branding initiatives, while fulfilling their functional requirements too. Kiosks were placed at each of the four corners of the exhibit to correspond to each of Root's four corporate divisions.  The intersecting archways combined dynamic shape with minimal use of walls to achieve an invitingly open interior space.  A rotating ring structure on top dominated the show's skyline.  Their new display allows Root to achieve maximum display versatility by using free standing elements in their corporate headquarters and by scaling the exhibit to different configurations for use at smaller events. 

Nomadic Display's Booth, EuroShop 2011

Root learning was able to G-R-O-W their trade show presence on the show floor. But thats not all.  The design was such a Show Smart Sensation that Nomadic decided to adapt it for use at two of its own shows - one in the US and another in Gemany

Nomadic Display's Booth, Exhibitor 2010

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Nomadic Helps Oklahoma Fly High At Europe's Premiere Wind Event

by Nomadic Display 19. April 2011 17:48



Oklahoma's Dept of Commerce recruits aerospace, oil/gas/solar energy and biotechnology businesses from around the world to relocate to the state.  Their recruiting efforts involve participating in trade events around the world.  So when the time came to develop plans for the annual European Wind Energy Association show, EWEA, Oklahoma decided to premiere a new trade show display for the event. EWEA's Annual Event is a major meeting of minds for the European wind energy market, connecting key stakeholders including corporate leaders, investors, financiers, policy makers and scientists.

Since the event would take place in Brussels, the State of Oklahoma not only needed design and production expertise but deployment support on an international scale. Creative Dimensions chose Nomadic Display as their partner in serving Oklahoma. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, Nomadic is uniquely capable of designing and producing trade show displays in either location and serving the needs of international exhibitors.

Oklahoma had exhibited at EWEA previously and wanted a new display to help them increase brand reach. Oklahoma's design requirements included ample space for Belgian beer tasting sessions, semi private spaces for meetings with buyers, pedestals for literature display and looping promotional video on wide screen monitors.

Creative Dimensions and Nomadic developed a proposal for a sleek, custom rental solution.  Produced and deployed in Europe, it would save Oklahoma thousands in international transport alone.

The result was an open trade show booth design. Oklahoma’s logo was strategically placed at various heights to be seen from all levels of the show floor. Trade show display graphics reflected the"The Sooner State" as a leading provider in resources, entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce achieved record booth traffic as compared to years past which enabled them to gain traction in the European market. 

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Nomadic Shows Smart in Love and Other Drugs

by Nomadic Display 29. March 2011 19:11

While we may not all be racing to our Netflix queue to check out the head turning Romcom (romantic comedy), Love and Other Drugs, this coast to coast box office hit has generated lots of buzz from its witty dialogue to its racy romance scenes.

Executives at Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises needed a local Pittsburgh trade show display vendor to replicate a 1990’s pharmaceutical convention environment (known these days as a trade show). Pottersville Productions put Executive Producers for Love and Other Drugs in contact with our distribution partner, Innovation Exhibits; from there, Innovation Exhibits and Nomadic Display partnered up to REVIVE the 1990’s trade show scene, piece by piece. 

The Nomadic Rentals team raced to provide the hardware for the Pfizer and Merck booths that were the hallmark of this blockbuster hit.  Additionally, Nomadic supplied Innovation Exhibits with the raw materials to accurately construct 17 exhibits for the Pharmaceutical trade show.

After establishing the floor plan, layout and graphic specs, Innovation Exhibits began building the entire set to be shot and dismantled within the same day.  Nomadic displays unique engineering coupled with Innovation Exhibits expertise allowed film producers to set up, move and tear down displays (with ease) for shots at different angles. Our longstanding partnership with Innovation Exhibits fueled the show smart success of this exciting movie production. 

The Love and Other Drugs custom set design joins other custom sets that Nomadic has produced for the Hollywood spotlight including: Up in The Air, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent , X Factor, Star Trek, NFL and Fox Spots.

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Nomadic Helps Richardson Pioneer Plow Their Way To Show Smart Success

by Nomadic Display 22. March 2011 17:58



Richardson Pioneer is a renowned leader in the agriculture and food industry. Involved in all aspects of the agriculture product cycle from growing, handling and processing to food service packaging, they bring agriculture full circle.

To significantly expand their presence at trade shows, Richardson took a strategic approach. Richardson wanted ample space to network and communicate with customers without feeling crowded so they decided to increase their show space and upgrade their presentation. Richardson turned to Nexus Exhibits to design an open and inviting environment for customers that featured an enclosed meeting area with a round table for more exclusive discussions. Richardson's goals included the ability to reuse the exhibit at other trade shows and to achieve a return on their investment.

Nexus Exhibits collaborated with Nomadic Display to produce a dynamic trade show display that portrays Richardson Pioneer as a leading brand in the agriculture business. Richardson was able to achieve their goal of expanding their visibility at events with a fresh, new look that encouraged interaction. The trade show booth enabled Richardson to showcase their brand, products and services under one versatile platform that could be repurposed and reused for different events.

Since Richardson’s anticipated debut at Agri Trade 2010 they have won numerous awards for their display including: "Best Large Booth" at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show and "Most Innovative Booth" at the Lethbridge Agri Expo. Their new trade show display is also being used by another Richardson Division: Richardson Nutrition, for shows throughout the continental U.S.A. Now thats a great Return on Investment. Congratulations Richardson!  A job well done!

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Nomadic Kicks The MSAs Trade Show Presence into Overdrive

by Nomadic Display 10. March 2011 18:12

Each year the Motor Sports Association (MSA) participates in the Autosport Trade Show, Europe’s largest dedicated trade-only Motorsport show, spanning over 1 million square feet.  Autosport brings together the best of Motorsports under one roof.  After using the same trade show display for the past three years, MSA geared up to launch their rebrand with a totally new exhibit design in their 50’x30’ space for  Autosport.

To drive both buyers and motor enthusiasts to their trade show booth, MSA strategically planned to host a competition using a Batak machine, popular among race car drivers for training purposes. As visitors put the pedal to the metal, the scoreboard would record their scores against F1 and other elite young drivers. One winner each day received a prized driving experience at the famous Silverstone Track in Northhampshire, England.

The Motor Sports Association briefed Nomadic on their needs for a new exhibit design that included: high impact graphics using pictures highlighting 22 different motor competition disciplines, a Batak machine and scoreboard integrated within the wall, a comfortable seating area for client conversations, an enclosed boardroom area with chairs, reception points, and a large storage area with coat stands.

Nomadic provided two designs – one offering plenty of ‘Wow’ factor and the other incorporating more traditional design elements.  Both design options were chosen by the client and seamlessly blended together. Large fabric structure blades provided dramatic height and could be seen from all around the exhibit hall.  Printed fabric graphics were used throughout the trade show booth.  MSA was very impressed by the quality of printing and the sharpness of both text and images.


The space was divided into two areas: color coded carpet was used to distinguish areas within the exhibit space. One side of the exhibit was the dedicated ‘game’ area where the Batack machine was the focal point. Client conversation areas were located on the opposite side. The end result gave the MSA the presence they desired for the event.  The exhibit design allows them to reuse it for years to come by repurposing the game area for other engaging booth activities that fuel sales.

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Nomadic Dials In Show Smart Success for AT&T

by Nomadic Display 3. March 2011 18:38

AT&T 10x20 custom display

AT&T serves customers nationwide with a broad range of wireless voice and data services. AT&T has the nation's fastest mobile broadband network and serves over 90 million wireless subscribers.

In an effort to refocus their campaign efforts on the pinnacle of their brand, AT&T’s renowned blue globe, they needed a creative platform to promote their newly launched slogan: “Rethink Possible”. The client wanted an appealing selling environment to convey their recently enhanced marketing initiatives that was: portable, easy to assemble, and durable, since it would travel to regional sales offices for promotional events.

AT&T 10x10 custom display with Foundation

FB Displays partnered with Nomadic to produce AT&T’s new custom display for their face-to-face marketing program. FB Displays design far surpassed AT&T's previous display. Not only does the design communicate their campaign messaging for “Rethink Possible” through high impact graphics, but the dynamic design solution reconfigures from a 10x10 to a 10x20 to serve multiple applications. Nomadic helped AT&T achieve their goal of creating an ultra portable selling environment to take to regional events.  Prospects are able to engage with AT&T’s brand on a more intimate level.

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Nomadic Takes Ferring to New Heights

by Nomadic Display 2. March 2011 20:25

We teamed up with our longstanding partner, BSI Exhibits to produce a mind blowing , rotating trade show display. BSI designed this custom display for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical firm that has gained international recognition over the last 20 years for the creation of inventive medications to improve the quality of life for adults and children.

Ferring’s product, Euflexxa, replenishes natural substances responsible for cushioning, lubricating and protecting knee joints to remove pain and restore ease of movement. Their new trade show exhibit premiered at the annual AAOS conference, featured fabric signage suspended overhead and rotating on the floor below. Hit the play button to see this one of a kind trade show display in ACTION.

Nomadic Stands Behind NFL's Roger Goodell

by Nomadic Display 7. February 2011 18:50


We could all feel the tension heat up in the Press Room this past Friday as Top NFL players sounded off to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. But, did you notice the sleek branded environment that stood behind the Commissioner? Yep that’s right, another one of our industry leading Broadcast set designs.


Producers select Nomadic displays for their unique ability to meet the special demands of traveling events. Nomadic displays are ultra portable and ship from location to location inexpensively. Nomadic’s mobile set designs are engineered for easy set-up by untrained professionals and can be custom tailored with high definition graphics to serve as branded platforms.

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Nomadic Unleashes Show Smart Success at Interzoo

by Nomadic Display 20. January 2011 18:11

Interzoo is the world’s biggest trade show for pet supplies held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany; this world leading trade show is devoted exclusively to the pet supply industry, attracting 38,000 whole sale buyers spanning 115 countries from veterinary clinics to grooming salons.  Burgess wanted to premier a new trade show display among 1500 other exhibitors at Interzoo.  Burgess, a family owned pet food supplier, is devoted to improving the lives of pets through making high quality, nutritionally enriched pet food.

Burgess came to Nomadic Display UK in search of a new trade show booth that would help expand their share in the European Market.  Burgess wanted a trade show display that would enable them to promote their pet care brand through ample product display, looping promotional video and a semi enclosed meeting area for exclusive wholesale buyers. 

The Nomadic Design Team produced a trade show booth that was open and inviting to InterZoo attendees, encouraging onlooker engagement.  Burgess’s central branding message could be seen from far away on a large backlit header

As visitors approached Burgess’s trade show booth, they were greeted by vibrant acrylic trees with 360 degrees of product display, mounted dog bowls with pet food inside for customer interaction and a semi private meeting area to meet with sales reps if they were itching to learn more. Nomadic helped Burgess achieve their goal of creating a dynamic display that would encourage customers to interact with their brand. 

Burgess surely isn’t the first pet supply company that has entrusted Nomadic to design their trade show display, Click here to see others