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3 Tips to Improving Lead Management at Your Next Show

by Nomadic Display 5. October 2010 20:48
    Are You LEADing the Way in Lead Management?With the tradeshow season in full swing, event marketers are having to wear more hats than ever; post show event analysis is one of the many duties that exhibitors are adding to their expanding event marketing agendas. Lead management is a driving factor in effectively evaluating your event performance. With 74% of exhibitors measuring their event performance on leads collected at events, it is imperative that you have an eff... [More]

MAXIMIZE Your Tradeshow Impact with Our Latest 20x40 Island

by Nomadic Display 2. October 2010 00:34
While marketing budgets are improving, companies continue to seek choices for how best to invest their program funding. Nomadic offers display designs that may be purchased or, when appropriate, rented which provides you with the flexibility to determine how we can best meet your needs.  Below is an example of the same design offered for both purchase or rental. Purchase Option: ID29397N Design Features: Counter Overhead Messaging Semi-private Meeting Area Tensi... [More]

Nomadic a Top Pick in Exhibitor Magazines Green Gallery

by Nomadic Display 30. September 2010 00:51
Adopting green practices not only boosts your companies brand among key constituents, but championing green initiatives would make you part of the growing pool of exhibitors that are now seeking to expand their green trade show display options.At Nomadic Display, we pride ourselves on our Green philosophy and overall commitment to sustainability.  Nomadic’s environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and innovative exhibit design solutions are what puts us at the top of Exhibitor Mag... [More]

Graphic Production: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Nomadic Display 23. September 2010 21:21
The graphic production arena can be a land mine of daunting terminology whether you are a trade show industry veteran or a novice. To help you avoid blunders before you embark on your next event, we will demystify some common graphic vocabulary from printed collateral to tradeshow booth graphics .One of the first steps in pre event registration process is submitting your company profile (usually 500 words) along with your company logo.  An EPS is always preferred for the optimum resolut... [More]

Ampetronic Shines at The Prolight and Sound Show

by Nomadic Display 22. September 2010 21:58
Ampetronic wanted to debut a fresh, cutting edge look at the esteemed Prolight & Sound Show in Messe Frankfurt.  A leading provider of assisted listening products, Ampetronic's hearing aids use induction loop technology which they needed to demonstrate at the event.Nomadic tradeshow displays are uniquely engineered to integrate with one another so, we breathed new life into the Instand pop-up displays Ampetronic owned for over 5 years. Our design team created a knock-out presen... [More]

Hats Off To Our Winners!

by Nomadic Display 21. September 2010 22:46
Recognizing the inherent value in continued education for Event Professionals, Nomadic Display is a proud sponsor of September etrak online sessions (valued at 225 usd).In the August edition of Newsbytes, Nomadic’s e-newsletter, three of our avid readers swift responses won them a coveted spot in Exhibitor Magazine’s etrak learning sessions.  Congratulations to: Cynthia Gorman, Deborah Moore and George Zimmerman. Our winners are surely on the fast track to learning industry best practi... [More]

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Got trade show troubles? Seven surefire ways to maximize your investment.

by Nomadic Display 16. September 2010 01:48
Getting the most out of your trade show marketing efforts necessitates making smart decisions from the get-go. In fact, maximizing your ROI entails a combination of planning for cost efficiencies, promoting your presence effectively and following through with contacts you've made. The following seven tips will help to do just that. Setting goals. Keep your aims straightforward, measurable and realistic to achieve. Are you seeking to connect with new prospects, existing clients or potential p... [More]

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Trade Show Tips

Are you ready for some football? Nomadic will appear Sunday on 6 NFL games on Fox.

by Nomadic Display 11. September 2010 00:27
After a long (getting longer every year) wait, at last, football is back. And to start this season off Nomadic is going to make an appearance at 6 games in 6 cities on Fox this Sunday. That’s right! As you are watching the broadcasters in the booth giving you a play-by-play, take a look at the backdrop behind them. We may not be making or announcing the plays but we are in the booth anxiously awaiting the outcome for each game.Fox chose our Nomadic DesignLine to use as a backdrop behind the b... [More]

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Featured Client: Turbine 20 x 20 Island Solution

by Nomadic Display 9. September 2010 00:55
ClientTurbine is a leading provider of online social gaming communities. Turbine’s award-winning games include Dungeons & Dragons Online™, Stormreach™, and The Lord of the Rings Online™. Their interactive storytelling experiences offer online worlds filled with fantasy people, places, characters and adventure.RequirementTurbine had been using a custom rental for events but decided to up their game for the inaugural PAX East Show - a three day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC... [More]


An International Emergency - Nomadic's LifeLine Service saves the show.

by Nomadic Display 7. September 2010 23:22
When TiGenix, a Belgium-based biomedical company, called Nomadic's LifeLine Service in April at 8:30 in the morning, their tradeshow in Washington DC had already started. Their freight company had lost their 10' pop-up booth.  Meanwhile, Nomadic's Belgium Distributor Art & Press Dimensions already called us directly and asked for a miracle. By 10:30 AM, Nomadic received the artwork for graphics via FTP and by 1:00 PM the same day, we had set up a pop-up display with grap... [More]

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Trade Show Tips