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Using PR to Maximize Trade Show Success

by Gwen Parsons 13. March 2013 22:11

PR is a great tool for calling attention to your trade show presence—as well as your products and services. Here are a few tips from our guest blogger, PR professional Lisa Goell Sinicki, on how to maximize your pre-show publicity.

1. Send your press releases to the right list. There are lots of services that you can use to generate huge lists of potentially interested journalists. However, everyone else is using those same lists too. As a result, journalists are over-run by news, most of which doesn’t really even fall within their specialty. Because of this, it's impossible for them to read most of the pitches they receive.

The solution is to vet your press list in advance. Research each reporter to learn what she really writes about. Then send each release individually to just those journalists who are a good fit. 

2. Get personal. Send every journalist on your A-list a copy of the release personalized just for them. Start out by telling them exactly why you feel their readers will be interested in your story. 

3. Schedule meetings. If you have something to show and tell in your exhibit, email reporters (and follow-up with phone calls) inviting them to schedule a time to meet in your booth. Arrange to have the appropriate company officer there to give them a demo or share a sound-byte.

4. Think  about holding a press conference. If you have an announcement that many publications will be interested in, a press conference is a good way to reach everyone at once. If you represent a smaller niche covered by a handful of reporters, it will be more productive to meet with each reporter individually.  This way, they are able to gather content tailored to their readers and feel like they are getting their own scoop rather than the exact same content as their competitors.

5. Leverage the web and social media. Post your press release to your own website. Make sure it is keyword rich and contains tags to make it more search-engine friendly. Then use your social media outlets to drive people to your news. Ask your employees to use their social media to drive other industry colleagues to your news as well.

For companies who don't have a way to optimize their press releases on their websites,  www.PitchEngine.com can help. It enables you to post and easily optimize your press announcement, but it doesn't send the pitch out for you. You will still be able  to use social media and email to drive the people you want to your story.

Lisa Goell Sinicki can be reached at lisa@lgscom.com.

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Trade Show Tips

How to Stand Out at Trade Shows With Motion Graphics

by Gwen Parsons 14. February 2013 12:17

Trade show attendees are bombarded by stimuli at shows. A crowded show fights for attention from all of an attendee’s senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  So what can you do as an exhibitor to make your display stand out in a sea of others?

Technology is offering us new ways to engage visitors.  Flat screen monitors continue to grow bigger in size and smaller in price, so consider adding one to your display to complement your booth. Wide screen monitors offer a great way to stand out from the crowd, get the attention of passersby and communicate your marketing message in seconds.  Consequently exhibitors are incorporating wide screen monitors with motion graphics more frequently into their trade show displays.

Motion graphics presentations play continuously on a loop throughout the duration of your event. Motion graphics don't have to be a huge undertaking; they can be created using stock photos, commissioned photography, rendered art, and video. They can be strictly visual or include music and sounds.

Plus, you'll get a lot of mileage out of these graphics. A single investment in a motion graphic presentation can be used to promote your company and its products before, during and after your shows. For pre-show promotion put it on your website and include it in your email broadcasts.

At the event, create an inviting atmosphere that makes buyers feel comfortable approaching and entering your space. Monitors with motion graphic presentations can be positioned to play out to the aisles as a way to draw attendees into your space.  You can also place motion graphics within your space. A warm, even soothing, environment can extend and enhance your engagement with visitors. Click here for a relaxing example.

Another way to put your graphics to use is after the event by your sales team during face-to-face meetings. Graphics can be played on demand on their tablet or smart phone.

For more on this topic, take a look at this webinar hosted by the Trade Group.