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4 Tips to Drilling Down Your Social Media Platforms

by ndadmin 2. November 2010 21:18

See how Nomadic can drill down your event performance

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Foursquare are enjoying widespread adoption by event and exhibit marketers.  The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) recently reported that event professionals are projected to spend more time than ever engaging buyers through social media outreach .  A full one-third of event marketers are already spending an average of six hours per week on driving their promotions through social media channels. Social media will help you achieve your goals and gain invaluable customer loyalty.   Before your next event, put on your hard hats and keep these tips in mind

ONE: Be in the right place
Your target audience is not going to be immsersed in every social media site. Determine which platforms your audience is involved in and spread your message accordingly.

TWO: Craft relevant communications
Provide value to your readers that is both brief and to the point.  Think quality over quantity.  For your SEO benefit, incorporate top keywords that link back to your website which can in turn improve your search engine rankings.  Additionally, using your keywords as hash tags on Twitter will expand the reach of your messaging.

THREE: Tune in
Responding to comments is the basis of a two-way communication. It’s essential that you cultivate your online relationships by engaging with your target audience.  Even a simple “@______ thank you” shows that their connection is valuable to you.

FOUR: Evaluate Find out how to can take your event results to the next level by reading our white paper
Monitor your social media performance by pulling simple metrics such as, visits to your corporate website from social sites (via referral) using Google Analytics and aggregate click rates through Bit.ly,.

Create streams based on your top keywords to monitor conversations pertaining to your audience. you can create keyword streams in various social media dashboards such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite

Keeping in mind the above best practices, you should be able to resonate with customers and will see both soft and hard results such as: increased brand
awareness, enriched relationships with clients and prospects, additional press coverage, increased event attendance, increased booth traffic, and even increased sales as direct results of social campaigns.

How FACEbook can get you FACEtime with key buyers

by Kat Shea 26. October 2010 20:09

With The Social Network topping box office charts for three straight weeks and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg valued at nearly 6 billion usd, one has to wonder what all the hype is about?  Initially introduced as a purely recreational networking tool mimicking the likes of MySpace, Facebook (FB) has grown at a viral pace.

FB is another channel for your event communications which is why its earning a place in event marketer’s hearts. Integrating Facebook in your event marketing promotions can create brand loyalty and intensify pre show buzz.  Below are some ways that you can harness the power of FB to get you FACE time with key buyers at your next event.


FACE your promotions

1)    Create an events page in the personal account attached to your corporate Facebook account and post  it on both walls (your personal wall and your pages wall). Make sure you select “Public Event” so that everyone can see and access your event.

2)    List any new product launches, special offers, services or giveaways that your company will be showcasing at your next event on your Events page.  You should also post inbound links on your Events page to redirect your audience to your event landing page and registration form.  

3)    Use the albums feature on your FB pages account to share photos or renderings of your display and the people who will staff it, to entice customers to visit you. If your booth staff is in the exhibit photos you should tag them, which will increase your event reach.

4)    Add photos from last year’s event to your newly created FB events page – and post inbound links at the bottom of each photo to redirect your audience to your event landing page and registration form. 

5)    Select “invite guests” – which will send a message to everyone in your personal and corporate network encouraging them to attend your event. But remember to send an invite to those who are not connected to you on FB as well. You can alternatively populate their email addresses in the “invite by email addresses” field and send an invitation out from facebook to their work inbox.

6)    Create a note on your Facebook pages wall d

etailing the event and tag those attending the event to your note – this will expand the reach of your communications. 

7)    Run a Facebook ad to increase your audience, which you may pair with an event listing.  

check out on next blog post this Thursday on Spooktacular event giveaways

With The Social Network topping box office charts for two straight weeks and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg valued at nearly 6 billion usd, one has to wonder what all the hype is about?  Initially introduced as a purely recreational networking tool mimicking the likes of MySpace, Facebook (FB) has grown at a viral pace.


FB is another channel for your event communications which is why its earning a place in event marketer’s hearts. Integrating FB in your event marketing promotions can create brand loyalty and intensify pre show buzz.  Below are some ways that you can harness the power of FB to get you FACE time with key buyers at your next event.


Nomadic Goes WILD at Superzoo

by ndadmin 19. October 2010 21:15

Let Nomadic make customers go WILD at your next event
SuperZoo rounds up the best in pet businesses for three days of unbridled business opportunity. Top suppliers showcased their lastest and greatest products to 9,000 pet professionals prowling the show floor.

Our Rentals team partnered with Exhibit People to help PFX Pet Supply and VanNess Plastics make their mark at SuperZoo. Both wildly stunning trade show displays provided a custom aesthetic that captivated customers.

See how we can make customers flock to your trade show booth
Van Ness Plastics is the largest manufacturer in North America for plastic pet accessories  and wanted a turn key solution that would drive their newly, redesigned branding initiatives.  Van Ness also wanted a custom display that would allow them to showcase their plastic pet container products in an interactive
  Check out our wildly stunning exhibit rentals
PFX Pet Supply is a valued premium vendor of pet food and pet supplies.  PFX stood out from the pack by showcasing the pet food and pet product brands they distribute from four warehouses in the West.

PFX wanted a minimal, open trade show exhibit to encourage visitor engagement.  Nomadic helped PFX and Van Ness achieve their goals of maximizing their prime booth space at a low cost.

See how we can make customers go WILD for your booth at your next event By downloading our FREE capabilities brochure


MAXIMIZE Your Tradeshow Impact with Our Latest 20x40 Island

by ndadmin 2. October 2010 00:34

While marketing budgets are improving, companies continue to seek choices for how best to invest their program funding. Nomadic offers display designs that may be purchased or, when appropriate, rented which provides you with the flexibility to determine how we can best meet your needs.  Below is an example of the same design offered for both purchase or rental.

Purchase Option: ID29397N

Trade Show Display
Design Features:

  • Counter
  • Overhead Messaging
  • Semi-private Meeting Area
  • Tension Fabric Structure and Graphics
  • Walk-in Storage
Rental Option: 5012
  Trade Show Rental
Design Features:
  • Counter
  • Overhead Messaging
  • Semi-private Meeting Area
  • Tension Fabric Structure and Graphics
  • Walk-in Storage
  • A/V Workstations w/ Monitors
  • Furniture - Tables and Chairs
  • Flooring - Carpet
Ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest purchase design ID29397N and interpretive rental design 5012 today.

North Sails Goes Full Throttle at the Acclaimed Newport Boat Show

by ndadmin 28. September 2010 22:04

See how Nomadic Display can take your event to the next level! 
North Sails, a market leader in sail making, is widely recognized for sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than other sails in the world. North Sails cruised over to Nomadic's website hoping to revamp their existing Instand trade show displays for use in the 40th Annual Newport Boat Show. North Sails wanted an exhibit design that would distinguish them internationally as a high quality supplier and make a lasting impression on attendees.

Nomadic's Solutions Design Studio
anchor with Visit our website to see how we can improve your tradeshow performanceZap Creative to transform their existing Instand properties to reflect North Sails' expanding business priorities. 

The result was a custom portable display that made a SPLASH among other vendors participating in the show.  Brilliant graphics lured key buyers and onlookers in their 20x20 tent. 

The 10x20 exhibit design defied the traditional “generic” pop up status quo.  North Sails innovative look was comprised of features that seamlessly integrated the custom displays with other Nomadic Display properties including: a built-in backlit counter with a 32" LCD monitor and semi-private meeting area.

For more information on how we can take your events full sail visit our website.

Ampetronic Shines at The Prolight and Sound Show

by ndadmin 22. September 2010 21:58
See how we can take your event to the next level

Ampetronic wanted to debut a fresh, cutting edge look at the esteemed Prolight & Sound Show in Messe Frankfurt.  A leading provider of assisted listening products, Ampetronic's hearing aids use induction loop technology which they needed to demonstrate at the event.

Nomadic tradeshow displays are uniquely engineered to integrate with one another so, we breathed new life into the Instand pop-up displays Ampetronic owned for over 5 years. Our design team created a knock-out presentation that didn't cost a fortune.  The result was a reinvigorated design solution with a custom aesthetic at a fraction of the price of a replacement display. 

When unveiled at the show, audiences were immediately captivated by the eye-catching custom portable.  Interaction with the technology was key to dynamically showcase their broad range of product offerings. For audio, visual and functional appeal, the tradeshow exhibit featured touch screens, a transmission signal interruption demo and vibrant signage. The display was accented with mirrored acrylic shelves to provide a 360* view of their devices and an accessory pod with an acrylic top for demonstration. 

Ampetronic’s exhibit surpassed the traditional “pop up look” to command attention at an international event. Download our free Capabilities brochure to learn how we can make you SHINE at your next event.

Meet your new trade show team! ExhibitSense

by Kat Shea 21. August 2010 02:02

Big News! Nomadic Display has teamed up with
ExhibitSense to bring a whole new generation of trade show exhibit solutions to Westborough.

From strategic development through design and management, ExhibitSense is an exhibit agency with a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven programs. And now they offer Nomadic's full line of custom modular and portable displays. Together we blend custom impact with the savings benefits of light weight modularity to help you achieve a greater return on your display investment.
Contact ExhibitSense today to learn how we can help you engage more sales opportunities while you save on transportation, drayage, storage and labor.


Featured Client: Álvarez Betrán 30 x 30 Island Solution

by ndadmin 21. July 2010 01:02
"With the Nomadic stand proposed by MSB massa Bárzano we were able to interact with customers, potential buyers and the media using spectacular demos. We achieved our dual objectives of return on investment and reuse."

-Armando Gutiérrez,
Marketing Manager, Álvarez Beltrán


Alvarez Beltran SA is best known as a leading distributor of electrical equipment in Spain. Best known for security systems, Alvarez also provides lighting, HVAC, telecommunications, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for private and public sectors.

Alvarez needed a platform to promote the full range of their security solutions so they selected a 100 square meter space at SICUR, a major security expo, for its first exhibition. Alvarez wanted the exhibition to help them achieve their goal of expanding beyond current perceptions among customers and prospects to establish themselves as a security specialist. Alvarez wanted to obtain industry, local and national media coverage. Plus Alvarez wanted an exhibit that could be reused in other configurations for events such as road-shows and sales presentations.

MSB massa Bárzano worked with Nomadic to develop a custom modular display solution to meet their requirements.

To illustrate their expertise and wide range of solutions, Alvarez required spaces dedicated to a variety of functional presentation needs. One viewing room was constructed of water tight transparent acrylic for demonstrations involving smoke and shattering glass. Other areas were divided by blue acrylic partitions to view video surveillance, alarm, explosion, tunnel fire and bullet-resistant glass products. In addition, Alvarez required a VIP meeting room, hospitality area, office, and storage.

Alvarez achieved their show goals of generating new business opportunities and attracting prime time news coverage. Alvarez is able to break down the display into smaller units for use in other venues o

Compare and Save

Dim Weight
34”w x 61”h x 56”d
600 lbs
600 lbs
FlatPack 300
53”w x 14”h x 28”d
100 lbs
440 lbs
1040 lbs

Are visitors tired of the same old trade show presentations? Try adding a little creativity to the mix.

by ndadmin 18. June 2010 01:05

Creating new, unique and interesting ways to delight and interact with the visitor is a challenge. The traditional approach is designing a display that effectively delivers the company’s key messages, using proactive booth staff who professionally approach visitors and capture information in anticipation of follow up. I began to question if a different method could achieve even greater results.

Nomadic was so experienced at the art of exhibiting that we had become a lead machine. Taking the traditional approach, we always had a great looking exhibit. Our staff were very well trained and we had clear objectives and targets for each show. In short, we were professional exhibitors. Then something interesting happened. We took a much bigger space at the Exhibiting Show in June, and thought we should try something different. The show research from the previous year told us visitors wanted to be excited by what they saw at the show.

We decided to split the space in two. Cautious of moving away from our traditional, yet very successful approach, we put our customary exhibit on one half of the space. For the other half, we took a much more imaginative and creative approach getting visitors to physically participate in a live visitor survey to find out ‘What sense matters most at trade shows?’ Visitors were invited to take part in the challenge of working through activities to test each sense, like putting their hands into slime and feathers for ‘touch’, and sniffing unidentified strange aromas for ‘smell’.

Part of the impact we hadn’t anticipated was how involved the visitors would be, and we know they left this part of our booth feeling we had interacted with them, not just processed them.

The results were fantastic. Not only did we exceed our lead goals, but we secured appointments from 34 percent of the leads, having only expected 10 percent conversion. Since then we have been brave enough to ditch our traditional approach entirely, and just use the ‘What sense matters most’ exhibit. Creativity has really produced great results for us in various ways. We have gained considerable PR and media coverage, we won our first ever ‘Best of Show’ and our staff have enjoyed working in the booth so much their enthusiasm has been re-ignited. Best of all, we have not just taken more leads overall, but they are proving to be of better value.

How should you create a message hierarchy in your trade show display graphics?

by ndadmin 4. June 2010 00:00

Every graphic element of your display has a job. This job may be to direct attendee’s attention to your display. It may be to identify your company. It may be to spotlight a new product or service.

Just as every employee in a company has a place in the organizational chart, clearly delineating what their duties are, each graphical element in a display should have a role in the messaging hierarchy. Every message communicated via your graphics is important, however, they’re not all equally important. Make sure that one message doesn’t compete with another. Instead, graphics should work together as a team, complementing each other and presenting a unified, cohesive message.

Graphics become progressively more complex as visitors work their way deeper into your exhibit and message. Initial contact should be bold, bright and simple, while interior pieces detailing technical specifi- cations, for example, will necessarily be more complex. Yet a unifying theme — color scheme, company logos, and design elements — should tie these graphic ‘levels’ together. The number of levels required at any given event will depend on the size and complexity of the exhibit, as well as the number of product groupings and products.

Moving from the simplest to the most involved, we encounter the following levels:

InsideboothCompany ID Graphics
These are your highest and largest signs, and typically they are the simplest. You need these graphics to be visible from outside the exhibit, possibly at different height levels, easy to read, visually bold and uncluttered.

Directional Graphics
Smaller, and used to direct visitors to specific product groupings or within a complex exhibit, directional graphics must be easy to locate, readable at an appropriate distance, and clearly worded. Additionally, care must be taken that directional graphics do not detract attention from the products or other messaging.

Product Graphics

These are your bite-sized graphics: just enough for one individual to interact with at a time. Location and scale are critical. This is the place to put your detailed information, formatted in such a way to reinforce your branding and marketing message. These graphics are often used to complement product samples or demonstrations.