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Meet your new trade show team! ExhibitSense

by Kat Shea 21. August 2010 02:02

Big News! Nomadic Display has teamed up with
ExhibitSense to bring a whole new generation of trade show exhibit solutions to Westborough.

From strategic development through design and management, ExhibitSense is an exhibit agency with a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven programs. And now they offer Nomadic's full line of custom modular and portable displays. Together we blend custom impact with the savings benefits of light weight modularity to help you achieve a greater return on your display investment.
Contact ExhibitSense today to learn how we can help you engage more sales opportunities while you save on transportation, drayage, storage and labor.


Featured Client: Thales 10 x 30 Inline Solution

by Kat Shea 1. April 2010 01:28

Thales, a world leader in mission-critical information systems for the Aerospace, Defense and Security markets, has been an Instand pop-up owner for more than five years.  They regularly attend the renowned “Grandes Écoles” at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget to recruit future staff. The Grand Écoles is an elite group of French universities with concentrations in the field of science and business that have very rigid selection processes.

Thales believes their exhibit plays an important role in catching the attention of technologically savvy young engineers.  So Thales asked Paris-based Tootem Projets to design an elegant, new hybrid exhibit system for them. Because they planned to take the exhibit to 18 other events, they wanted a reconfigurable exhibit comprised of lightweight components that would enable them to easily convey their company’s main message through a harmony of forms.

Tootem Projets designed a new custom modular island exhibit that combines its existing Instand systems with Platinum steel-backed laminate panels and aluminium extrusions.The new design fulfilled Thales’ expectations.

Experience the Nomadic difference and check out the Exhibit Design section of our website to see more cool, new display designs.


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Featured Client: Nalco Mobotec 20 x 20 Island Solution

by Kat Shea 16. March 2010 23:11

“We’ve received many compliments on our new exhibit when we brought it to the recent Power-Gen International in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been working with Nomadic through Innovation Exhibits for some time now. We’ve always trusted and liked the Nomadic solutions that Innovation Exhibits recommended."

-Jay Crilley, Vice President, Business Development, Nalco Mobotec

Nalco Mobotec develops innovative solutions to the world’s global air pollution control challenges. It produces the technology needed in combustion improvement and multi-pollutant reduction for industrial and utility boilers.

Client Need
A bigger and better display that better communicates Nalco Mobotec as a growing company and major global provider of cost-effective and environmentally conscious combustion technology for industrial facilities.

Nomadic created an open and distinctive 20' x 20' environment to showcase the company’s technological capabilities and environmental solutions for minimizing harmful industrial chemical emissions.

The exhibit is designed and built with 14’ and 16’ towers that support backlit tension fabric structures printed with Nalco Mobotec’s logo. Thermoformed moldings, standoff graphics and nature-inspired tension fabric graphics complement the wood-tone laminated panels of the towers.



3 RollMax Cases
- 750 lbs. dimensional per case
- 900 lbs. max. loaded per case


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Planning and Preparing for your Trade Show - 10 Steps you Should not Ignore

by ndadmin 22. January 2010 00:45

1. Determine how trade shows can strengthen your present marketing strategy

    Do you want to:
  • Increase existing products/services in existing markets?
  • Introduce new products/services into existing markets?
  • Introduce existing products/services into new markets?
  • Introduce new products/services into new markets?

2. Set measurable and realistic goals

Know what you expect from a show. Set realistic and measurable goals. Write them down and share them with your exhibiting team. Decide exactly what information you want and then set up the systems to measure your results.

3. Establish a realistic budget

There are many different expenses involved in exhibiting. When putting your budget together, consider the following: The exhibition space; the display (estimate 60% for structure and accessories and 40% for graphics); show services including shipping, setup and dismantling and utilities; transportation; pre-show, at-show and post-show advertising; promotions and special events; personnel expenses including travel, accommodation, daily expenses and time value.


4. Select a display that meets your needs

Do your homework and select a display that meets the goals set for each show, portrays the right image for your company, is durable, flexible and versatile and fits your budget. Explore the ease, ability and cost-effectiveness of expanding your display over time.

5. Develop an overall message or theme

While developing your promotional plan, advertising, special events and media relations, you’ll need to keep a consistent theme throughout each piece. This will help reinforce your message to prospects as well as enable them to better recall who you are.

6. Use graphics to enhance your message

Graphics are used to create interest, focus attention and tell visitors about your product or service. In just three to five seconds, graphics need to communicate who you are, what you do and how customers can benefit. Graphics are often the first impression an attendee has of an exhibitor, so it’s important to make the "right" statement. Consider size—bigger in this instance is often times better!

7. Select the "right" staff

One of the most crucial aspects of any event is its people. The personnel you choose to represent you are your ambassadors. These people have the responsibility of making or breaking future relationships with attendees, prospects and customers. Invest time in training them so they know what to do and how to best represent your products, services, and company.

8. Plan early for transportation needs

Save money by planning for transportation needs well in advance of the show schedule. Choose a carrier that specializes in trade show transportation and will give you the service you need. Always communicate both in writing and verbally with your carrier.

9. Develop a follow-up system for new leads

One of the biggest frustrations after the exhibition is managing the leads. If leads are not distributed and managed in an organised and effective way, your overall results could be impaired. Determine how each lead will be followed up and who will implement it. If you plan to send literature or a thank you letter to attendees, have it pre-packed and ready to ship. Write and set-up email or mail merge templates to expedite personalizing correspondence. Whatever system you use, ensure follow-up is prompt, within three to five days after the show. The quickest follow-up occurs when you input lead information into a computerized system and transmit it immediately for fulfillment. If you don’t follow up, your competition will! There are several good lead management software applications on the market. Find one that fits your needs or consider designing your own— the simpler the better. Decide what kind of questions you will receive and how to respond to them. Consider different follow-up methods for the various types of visitors, e.g. prospects with an immediate need, prospects interested in buying within the next six months, prospects who are only partially interested. Try varying the follow up; phone calls, emails or letters. By just extending the follow up period you will be amazed by the results and remember to measure your success.

10. Re-evaluate regularly

You should continually re-evaluate the reasons why you re-select a show. Make sure they continue to attract your target audience and get results.

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Trade Show Tips

Effective Tips on Working With Your Display Designer - Stop Wasting Time and Money!

by ndadmin 5. January 2010 02:32

Istockphoto_2557163-business-team-at-a-meeting In general you need a display that serves as a branding tool and a selling tool. Combining your goals with the elements of strong, effective design is challenging. And it is critically important to embrace the appropriate display design to facilitate the best possible presentation of your marketing message and value proposition. This is why it is important to have skilled professionals on your side.

While you undoubtedly have many other responsibilities, allow yourself plenty of time for a new display design. Waiting too long to get started can result in a design not achieving its full potential. In addition, you want to avoid extra fees such as rush charges to expedite the fabrication of your display.

Work backwards from your show date and allow yourself:

• Two weeks to circulate your objectives and gain consensus and establish a budget
• Two weeks to start meetings with your display designer and obtain a production schedule
• Four weeks to six weeks to finalize your design, approve graphics, complete fabrication and ship

Begin the conversation by sharing your goals and objectives with your Display Consultant. They need to understand what you hope to achieve at the show: they will have the insight to help you position your products and services in the most effective way possible.

Many display companies use a questionnaire to help gather information. A brief enables you to gain the internal support from key stakeholders – members of your management team, marketing and sales teams – by capturing and documenting a shared vision. The brief will serve as a platform between you, your Display Consultant and your Display Designer. In addition you may use it as a benchmark against which to evaluate design proposals.

To download a sample questionnaire, click here.

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Trade Show Tips