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Nomadic Helps Root Learning G R O W Their Trade Show Presence

by Kat Shea 3. May 2011 01:59

Root Learning's Booth, 2010

Root Learning combines strategic consulting with creative engagement methods to drive organizational performance. Root has consulted with companies like PepsiCo, Taco Bell, Dow Chemical, and Prudential.  As a veteran exhibitor, Root Learning has invested in display properties ranging from 10’ pop-ups displays all the way up to 30’ islands.  Root contacted 2 Scale, located just 15 minutes from their headquarters in northwest Ohio, regarding their search for a new trade show display to communicate their unique consulting services.

Root Learning expressed their desire for four divisions to be individually represented through one seamless platform. Root wanted a Show Smart design solution for an island display that would scale down for smaller events and would be lighter in weight to save money on shipping expenses. After 2Scale and Root learning had a "meeting of minds", 2Scale went back to the drawing board and came up with an open design solution featuring intersecting archways that would make Root Learning shine on the show floor.

2 Scale teamed up with Nomadic Display to design and produce a solution that would embody Root's modern corporate culture and branding initiatives, while fulfilling their functional requirements too. Kiosks were placed at each of the four corners of the exhibit to correspond to each of Root's four corporate divisions.  The intersecting archways combined dynamic shape with minimal use of walls to achieve an invitingly open interior space.  A rotating ring structure on top dominated the show's skyline.  Their new display allows Root to achieve maximum display versatility by using free standing elements in their corporate headquarters and by scaling the exhibit to different configurations for use at smaller events. 

Nomadic Display's Booth, EuroShop 2011

Root learning was able to G-R-O-W their trade show presence on the show floor. But thats not all.  The design was such a Show Smart Sensation that Nomadic decided to adapt it for use at two of its own shows - one in the US and another in Gemany

Nomadic Display's Booth, Exhibitor 2010

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The Science Behind Face To Face

by Kat Shea 28. April 2011 18:37

It’s no surprise that face-to-face is a more visceral way to connect with prospects: you can introduce yourself with a welcoming smile and a firm hand shake, gauging your visitor's interest level in the process based on their body language. Both Expo Magazine and BtoB make a case for face to face.

Red 7 Media, a parent company of Expo Magazine, reports that 65% of your customers/prospects attend trade shows primarily for their networking opportunities. BtoB Magazine touches on the many  “often imitated NEVER duplicated” tangible aspects of face-to-face that cannot be mirrored in the virtual world:

  • “Face to face events provide marketers with a unique way to reach customers, business partners and clients.” - BtoB magazine
  • “In-person events are better-suited for capturing attendees' attention, inspiring positive emotions and building networks and relationships.” BtoB magazine

Recent studies on social behavior have shown there are ALSO positive psychological effects that result from your face-to-face encounters, consider the following:

Social Brain
Dr. Stephen S. Ilardi notes in his book Friends for Life, that about half of the Brain’s cerebral cortex, where social cues are processed, is devoted to visual input. Reading a text or an email or attending a virtual event is not nearly as powerful as interacting with others face-to-face.

Social Science
When prospects interact with your sales reps in group settings their levels of the toxic stress hormone, cortisol, drop precipitously. Instead chemicals such as Dopamine and Oxytocin surge making people "feel good". That positive experience influences the perception of your brand and helps to cultivate a fruitful business relationship. 

Social Bookmarking
Physical interaction with your team allows customers to visually catalogue and process your brand.  Technology has its place in starting the conversation but it just can't replace a live encounter.

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MAXIMIZE Your Trade Show Presence With a MINIturized Custom Portable Display

by Kat Shea 26. April 2011 18:02

If you're on the look out for a new trade show display that won’t put a dent in your wallet, we have a FRESH new solution for you!  The super compact version of our clever Instand® Foundation displays may be just the trick to charge up your trade show program. Already popular in Europe, we’re unleashing them state side.  These new designs blend the easy set-up of a pop-up display with the modern, functional features you need to Stand Apart on the show floor and engage your audience. So power up your presentations with:

Wide Screen Monitors
Computer stations
Dimensional graphics 

AND more!

Even more compact and lighter in weight, our "Mini" version of Foundation brings you the savings benefits of economical storage, drayage and transport in UPS/FedEx/airline checkable cases - - not to mention a Show Smart price.

See what all the excitement is about with "Mini" Instand Foundation solutions. 


Top Tips to Finding "Eggcellent" Trade Show Leads

by Kat Shea 21. April 2011 17:58

The search for qualified buyers at trade shows can bring memories of childhood Easter egg hunts: you search high and low, the competition is fierce and you want to get MORE than everyone else. Before you embark on your next “Hunt”, check out our Show Smart survey of questions used to qualify visitors and avoid getting a “bad egg”.

Talk the Talk, but not TOO much
While you’re trying to promote your products and services, prospects can be turned off by hard sell approaches, so keep it casual. You want to listen to your prospect 80% of the time and the other 20% you should spend asking questions to unveil THEIR latest pain points. Use their responses to guide your sales pitch.

1) What is important to you in selecting the companies you do business with?
2) What is the most challenging aspect of your current (product/service)?
3) What results are you hoping to get with your next purchase?
4) How is a purchasing decision like this typically made? and who is involved?
5) What are your current business priorities? Do you see them changing in the near future?
6) What do you like the best about your current (product/service)?
7) What do you like least about your current (product/service)?|

Keep it Short and Sweet
In 5-7 minutes you should be able to get a sense of their interest in your company/product/services and identify top decision makers. Wrap up your conversation by thanking them for their time and offer to send them information(electronically or in print).

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Nomadic Helps Oklahoma Fly High At Europe's Premiere Wind Event

by Kat Shea 19. April 2011 17:48



Oklahoma's Dept of Commerce recruits aerospace, oil/gas/solar energy and biotechnology businesses from around the world to relocate to the state.  Their recruiting efforts involve participating in trade events around the world.  So when the time came to develop plans for the annual European Wind Energy Association show, EWEA, Oklahoma decided to premiere a new trade show display for the event. EWEA's Annual Event is a major meeting of minds for the European wind energy market, connecting key stakeholders including corporate leaders, investors, financiers, policy makers and scientists.

Since the event would take place in Brussels, the State of Oklahoma not only needed design and production expertise but deployment support on an international scale. Creative Dimensions chose Nomadic Display as their partner in serving Oklahoma. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, Nomadic is uniquely capable of designing and producing trade show displays in either location and serving the needs of international exhibitors.

Oklahoma had exhibited at EWEA previously and wanted a new display to help them increase brand reach. Oklahoma's design requirements included ample space for Belgian beer tasting sessions, semi private spaces for meetings with buyers, pedestals for literature display and looping promotional video on wide screen monitors.

Creative Dimensions and Nomadic developed a proposal for a sleek, custom rental solution.  Produced and deployed in Europe, it would save Oklahoma thousands in international transport alone.

The result was an open trade show booth design. Oklahoma’s logo was strategically placed at various heights to be seen from all levels of the show floor. Trade show display graphics reflected the"The Sooner State" as a leading provider in resources, entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce achieved record booth traffic as compared to years past which enabled them to gain traction in the European market. 

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Your MUST Have Show Smart Tool Kit

by Kat Shea 14. April 2011 18:19

In general as an exhibitor you’re restricted from using tools onsite due to contracted show labor agreements. But, we thought we’d recommend some show smart carry on items that you can tote to your next trade show. These ultra portable tools will ensure that you save time and money versus the added expense and hassle of acquiring them on-site.

Below is a checklist of items to pack for your next event:

Handy Hardware:
Measuring tape, box cutter, scissors

Essential Electric:

Extension chords, power strips, extra bulbs wrapped to prevent damage during transit

Your Office Depot
Pens, highlighters, markers, lead cards, stapler, staples, tape (packing, double stick and duct), super glue

Your "Go To" Calendar:
Using your smart phone, netbook, or Ipad calendar for entries and notes from the show will save you time.  

Bring Your Vcard
Business cards, corporate name tag

Fabulously Fresh
Breath mints, Hand Sanitizer, Insoles, paper towels or clean rags, all purpose spray cleaner, carpet spot remover

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How To Use Video on The Show Floor

by Kat Shea 13. April 2011 01:00

You don’t need to be a spawn of Speilberg to create a great take of your company at live events. Below are some Show Smart tips for casting your brand in the limelight.

The SEO Skivvy:
YouTube is quickly becoming the worlds largest search engine behind Google. Welcoming video into your event marketing mix will boost your search rankings.  In fact, your company will be 50 (yes FIFTY) times more likely to appear on 1st page organic search results. Just make sure once you've uploaded your video to You Tube that it is tagged with all of your top keywords, so that it can be indexed properly. 

1) Plan Smart
Like any other marketing tool, you should have a plan in place before the show. Briefly outline the steps following the event to best optimize your footage for: Social Media, Email, YouTube and Mobile. Predetermine with your online team where on your website you will host the video - - a video gallery? your blog? - - and a develop a timeline for uploading to each channel.

2) Show Smart
At the show you can use an ultra portable HD camcorder such the Cisco Flip camera to capture live presentations in your booth, customers interviews and your brand ambassadors engaging with prospects. Keep in mind that the background noise, lighting and volume of the speaker is important to the outcome of your video. If you don't have an “anti shake” setting on your camera, use a tripod for the best results.

3) Share Smart
While the viral nature of video is exciting and gives customers a more personal perception of your brand, make sure to ask subjects for permission to record them. If you plan on repurposing the video for future campaigns you may want to secure a signed release from your subject as to not delay the launch of future campaigns.

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How QR Codes Can Spice Up Your Tradeshow Routine

by Kat Shea 7. April 2011 18:28

We talked in our previous QR code post about measures to take before making QR codes a regular in your Event Marketing lineup. We established that NOW is the time to hop on the mobile marketing bandwagon before it’s too late.  While you’re laying out the welcome mat for these pixilated powerhouses, below are some fun filled ways that you can use QR codes to solve common trade show quandaries.

1) Your Sales Team is Busy As A Bumblebee 
It’s great to have a traffic jam at your trade show booth because it makes your company a “must see” on the show radar, but you also want your prospects to be able to maximize their time in your booth and have a powerful brand experience.

Incorporating QR codes in your trade show booth graphics (so that they correspond to each product line/service) is a SUREFIRE way for customers to dynamically engage with your product and get what they need while they’re waiting in the booth queue.

2) Your Marketing Budget Is on A Diet
Because QR code generators are free, the only thing they cost you is your time.  Platforms like youscan.me can even provide you with helpful analytics on measuring the amount of scans your QR code receives.  QR codes are a fun way to keep booth attendees intrigued without breaking the bank. 

3) You’re Going Green
Printed collateral, a “nice to have” for the less technologically saavy, is costly and not environmentally friendly. By having your audience scan a QR code you can redirect them to your web assets such as: elit, product demos, corporate campaigns, locked forms/reports, whitepapers, social media channels – the possibilities are endless!!. QR codes are a leap in the right direction to growing your green efforts on the show floor.

4) Save Without Cutting Corners
As a trade show marketer international shipping is the feared elephant in the room.  We all know that shipping expenses will only continue to escalate with rising fuel prices.  By using QR Codes you can save a bundle on shipping and your prospects can have elit waiting from them when they open their inboxes.

5) Skyrocket Booth Activity
Having a QR code scavenger hunt will generate buzz on the showfloor and establish you as an industry think tank and technological guru.  Some Exhibitors even tie in their grand prize giveaway with QR codes. 

6) Expand Your Social Media Audience
QR codes are a fun way for you to redirect prospects to your social media channels and offer them an opportunity to engage with your brand on a more intimate level by connecting to your accounts.  You can monitor the scans by using youscan.me and compare them with the amount of people that have attached to you following the trade show and whoooala, you have a approximate conversion rate.

7) Turn Them OFF to ONline
After just one scan of a QR code you can easily turn your booth attendees from OFFline prospects to ONline leads!! Scan away!  

As an added bonus check out this cool video on the Hype over QR codes


Top Takeaways from Exhibitor 2011

by Kat Shea 4. April 2011 17:49


The largest conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers, Exhibitor2011, took center stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center this week. In between 220 information packed seminars, thousands of attendees hit the show floor in search of cutting edge solutions to address their top challenges.

Attendees were drawn to our gravity defying custom rental trade show exhibit featuring a 400 square foot environment designed to facilitate face-to-face engagement.  We thought we’d share some of our Show Smart strategies on how we drove traffic to our trade show display to help you Stand Apart at your next event. 

Our NomadiTips for Driving Traffic

Comfort Your Prospects Every Step of The Way

Part of giving prospects a positive experience with your brand is ensuring that they feel at ease from the minute they enter your booth.  The more comfortable attendees are in your booth the longer they are apt to stay and chit chat with your sales reps. So something as simple as luxuriously double padded flooring got raves from our visitors. Offering your visitors a seat creates a relaxed atmosphere that can be used to delve into a more personal discussion about their business needs.  Our chic wrap around sofa was the perfect place to engage visitors in a leisurely dialogue with our team.

People Need People
When visitors see a group gathering in your space, it generates curiosity.  Like traffic rubber neckers, visitors slow down to see whats going on to determine whether they want to be included.  So to keep the party going in your booth, use Tweet Ups when foot traffic in the aisles slows down.

Know Your Social Science
Not only is social media a useful platform to promote your presence before the show, but on the show floor it's an essential tool for driving buyers to your display. We strategically scheduled timely tweets when seminars were wrapping up. By monitoring the official event hash tag (ex: #exhibitor2011) we were able encourage key prospects to stop by our booth.

Engage then Enlighten
Whether it's a private consultation, fun filled game or star studded live theatre, provide your visitors with activities that will familiarize them with your brand. Make sure to integrate educational content in the process. Our wide screen monitors played a continuous loop of dazzling display designs and doubled as workstations for website demonstrations. After experiencing our trade show exhibit, visitors were also given a cost estimate of the design as both a purchase and custom rental.


If you missed the fanfare make sure to check out the Show Smart Highlights from Exhibitor and you'll feel like you were there!!

Nomadic Shows Smart in Love and Other Drugs

by Kat Shea 29. March 2011 19:11

While we may not all be racing to our Netflix queue to check out the head turning Romcom (romantic comedy), Love and Other Drugs, this coast to coast box office hit has generated lots of buzz from its witty dialogue to its racy romance scenes.

Executives at Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises needed a local Pittsburgh trade show display vendor to replicate a 1990’s pharmaceutical convention environment (known these days as a trade show). Pottersville Productions put Executive Producers for Love and Other Drugs in contact with our distribution partner, Innovation Exhibits; from there, Innovation Exhibits and Nomadic Display partnered up to REVIVE the 1990’s trade show scene, piece by piece. 

The Nomadic Rentals team raced to provide the hardware for the Pfizer and Merck booths that were the hallmark of this blockbuster hit.  Additionally, Nomadic supplied Innovation Exhibits with the raw materials to accurately construct 17 exhibits for the Pharmaceutical trade show.

After establishing the floor plan, layout and graphic specs, Innovation Exhibits began building the entire set to be shot and dismantled within the same day.  Nomadic displays unique engineering coupled with Innovation Exhibits expertise allowed film producers to set up, move and tear down displays (with ease) for shots at different angles. Our longstanding partnership with Innovation Exhibits fueled the show smart success of this exciting movie production. 

The Love and Other Drugs custom set design joins other custom sets that Nomadic has produced for the Hollywood spotlight including: Up in The Air, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent , X Factor, Star Trek, NFL and Fox Spots.

Check out our entertainment gallery to see other jobs that we have done for high profile broadcast companies and Movie sets.