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Are you ready for some football? Nomadic will appear Sunday on 6 NFL games on Fox.

by Nomadic Display 11. September 2010 00:27
Football After a long (getting longer every year) wait, at last, football is back. And to start this season off Nomadic is going to make an appearance at 6 games in 6 cities on Fox this Sunday.

That’s right!

As you are watching the broadcasters in the booth giving you a play-by-play, take a look at the backdrop behind them. We may not be making or announcing the plays but we are in the booth anxiously awaiting the outcome for each game.

Fox chose our Nomadic DesignLine to use as a backdrop behind the broadcasters for their nationwide games, for its graphic impact, easy setup and shipping.

We will be at New Meadowlands Stadium -  New York, Soldier Field - Chicago, Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, Quest Field - Seattle, and Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis.

Catch you in the endzone!

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Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic lost to Apple Rock 6-9. But had the best time doing it!

by Nomadic Display 13. August 2010 23:34

WE LOST 6-9! But had a blast doing it.

Saturday was a beautiful day for both traveling and the game. The weather for once actually cooperated with us. We arrived at Triad Park which was gorgeous and just huge. We put on our team shirts, practiced for about 10 minutes and started the game.


We agreed to play seven innings but did not realize that it would go so FAST. We played the entire game in only 1 1/2 hrs. Nomadic definitely needed the other 2 innings - we didn't even score until the 5th. Does that say more about us or Apple Rock? We just needed to settle down and find our stride,
and we did score five runs in that 5th inning. But to give Apple Rock credit, they were a well-tuned team.

There was so much laughter, silly antics and good sportsmanship. We can't wait for the next game for a chance to win back our trophy.

Congratulations Apple Rock on your well deserved win! We'll beat you next time.

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Do you know your exhibit transportation options?

by Nomadic Display 13. April 2010 02:14
As you go through your preparations for your next trade show event, keep in mind the options you have to transport your exhibit to and from your show. Basically you have four main choices, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Common carriers
They provide transport services according to defined routes and schedules. They are less expensive and it is easy to check on your shipment’s location. However, they often make several transfers and only accept crated materials. And, if you opt for a common carrier, there is always the possibility that your exhibit equipment and materials may not be able to tolerate normal road shock.

Van lines / Specialist exhibition freight companies
They offer more specialized and personalized point-to-point service. They are equipped to handle crated or blanket-wrapped pieces, and all their trucks operate with "air-ride" or extra cushioning. Another positive point for this option is that you will have the same driver who loads and unloads shipments. The only disadvantage of exhibition freight companies is that they can be more expensive than other transportation options.
This option offers the quickest means of transportation to show sites as they are specialized airfreight forwarders. The disadvantages of airfreight are high costs, load size limitations and harsh handling techniques by airline baggage handlers. It is also important to note that airfreight brokers don’t have allegiance to any one freight or commercial airline, which may result to service inconsistency.

Courier service
FedEx, UPS and DHL fall into this category. It’s the quickest means of transportation to the show site for last minute shipments. The only drawback is the high expense.

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Trade Show Tips

Featured Client: Le Progrès 10 x 20 Reconfiguration Inline Solution

by Nomadic Display 10. April 2010 00:21
Nomadic Display Brings a French Publication Closer to its Readers

Article-2 One of the oldest and most influential regional newspapers in France, Le Progrès, has grown into a multimedia enterprise that offers a diverse range of publication materials and services. Headquartered in Lyon, Le Progrès made plans to take their show on the road to aggressively market their brand of products and programs. They scheduled 30 events in Southwestern France.

Le Progrès approached Centrale Expo, Nomadic’s distribution partner in Lyon, for a new, portable modular display system that could be easily configured for various spaces. Centrale Expo proposed a 10x20 Nomadic Instand pop-up exhibit that breaks out into a 10’ display and four smaller units. They may be used as stand-alone displays or in combination with one another to form other configurations to suit different venues.
To complement the presentation, Centrale Expo included two slim counters to serve as greeting stations and two tables to provide surfaces for displaying collateral materials. The display solution worked so well for Le Progrès, they purchased four more.

Le Progrès is confident that they made the right choice with the solution that we recommended. They are very impressed with the exhibits’ visual appeal, modularity, as well as with the warranty that comes with Nomadic products, “ says Pascal Perrotin, Centrale Expo’s President.

Keep your sanity in check by bringing your survival tool kit to your next trade show event.

by Nomadic Display 9. April 2010 00:17
When I announced to my parents that they were going to be Grandparents, I received a huge, gimongous tote bag my mother called “The Mommie Bag”. 5 weeks after my son was born, I knew what that bag was for…everything including the kitchen sink. 

My first show with Nomadic was at Exhibitor in Las Vegas. I dug through my closets, found what I was looking for and soon, my Mommie Bag and me traveled to Vegas for a non-stop week of tradeshow terror.  Boy was I glad I had that bag with me. When the wrong couches were delivered, I had the order form with me to prove that I ordered…oops…the wrong ones. When the AV arrived with 3 laptops instead of 2, I had the order form to prove that I ordered… YES…2 laptops.    IStock_000005448741XSmall
That bag saved my sanity. It held extras of everything: Pens, pads, paper clips, Windex, tissues, Velcro tabs and strips, badges, business cards, water, aspirin, non-aspirin, gum, breath mints, batteries, the list goes on and on.  

And under all those business must-haves? A brand new pack of baby wipes, just in case.  

So, while packing up to go to your next trade show event, go thru your closets, grab the bag and pack it to go!

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Trade Show Tips

Exhibitor2010 in Las Vegas was a Great Show! Check out the videos of our booth.

by Nomadic Display 23. March 2010 00:16
We want to  thank the many customers, prospects and friends that were able to join us over this 3 day-must see event.  But if you weren’t one of them, here’s the next best thing – two short videos to view on YouTube.

Exhibitor2010 Video1

Exhibitor2010 Video2

Gwen Parsons
Senior Vice President
Nomadic Display

Heading to Exhibitor2010 in Las Vegas (March 15-17). Stop by booth 1145 and see us.

by Nomadic Display 15. March 2010 19:41
We’ve got lots of ways to help exhibitors Show Smart and Stand Apart.  Smart looks and smart designs that save money are the smart way to invest in your program. 

At Nomadic we walk our own talk….from design through to execution. 
This year we’ve created an atmosphere that is open, bright, and light to welcome visitors.  Our exhibit pops with personality in red, our signature color, pure white and silver accents.  To Stand Apart you want to be in step with current trends.  So it was fun to see a recent Event Design article about how exhibit designers inspire attendees to enter environments using bright colors.  The Color Marketing Group, an organization that monitors trends in the world of color, says that red is one of the colors to watch in 2010.  Red catches attention and gets people excited while natural whites exude optimism and cleanliness.  Love to hear what you think of this year’s design. 

Hundreds of exhibitors in 8 countries have requested our latest special report “Exhibit Design Strategies that Maximize Results”.  Stop by to pick up your complimentary copy.


But that’s not all.  Our 20x20 exhibit is actually 5 displays in one - - for less than $75,000.  Plus it weighs less than 3,000 lbs. so we saved BIG on transportation, drayage, and installation.

The flexibility to control costs, the freedom to design presentations to address the changing business demands and the ability to allocate limited budgets to promote your event programs, are just a few reasons to rent.  Companies are realizing that rental solutions offer custom-tailored design and significant cost savings because they enable you to eliminate ownership costs like storage, repairs, taxes and disposal.  So we’ve got some great case studies to share.

Marketers who are seeking budget-stretching solutions will be thrilled to learn they can have the world’s most popular pop-up – Instand - at historically low prices. Exhibitors can save over $1,600 on a complete 10’ display.  Be sure to stop by and enter our Grand Prize Drawing for a FREE portable display complete with graphic mural, lights, counter conversion and a RollOne Case – a $2,900 value!

See you there!
Gwen Parsons
Senior Vice President
Nomadic Display Booth #1145

Practical, Easy and Creative Ways to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget.

by Nomadic Display 5. January 2010 22:38

1. Proper planning
Proper planning is the most important costcutting tip. Planning ahead saves on expensive last minute charges. Establish a list of key dates and activities. Push due dates back a month so that you always meet your deadlines.

2. Promotional production
Produce all of your pre-show mailings at the same time to save on printing expenses rather than printing several times throughout the year.

3. Buying a display
Consider the best type of display stand for your needs. Look into one that packs compactly to save on storage, lightweight to save on shipping, portable to transport by car, courier or as airline baggage, can be quickly and easily set-up to save costs, adapts easily to different spaces by adding or removing components.

4. Display graphics
Design and produce your graphics ahead of time to avoid overtime or rush charges. Have someone proofread your copy to avoid change charges.

5. Packing supplies
Create a "show box" containing handy items that are often not available at the show site. Include a stapler, tape, Velcro®, scissors, Swiss army knife, pens, paper, extension cords, and extra light bulbs. Remember to re-stock the box after each show.

6. Literature
Take only enough literature to distribute to highly qualified leads. Offer to send prospects literature so it is on their desk when they return from the show. This saves on drayage, production costs, and cuts down on waste.

7. Transportation
When buying a display, investigate how you will ship it. Lightweight durable systems save on shipping and drayage. Keep an accurate record of actual weight, contents and number of containers. Specify the weight on your bill of lading. Consolidate materials in one tub or shrink wrap individual items onto one pallet. Don’t scrimp on shipping containers. Re-doing damaged graphics can be expensive.

8. Travel
Investigate reduced rates or special deals with the airlines for ten people or more traveling to and from the same city. Book early and ask hotels for any specials or corporate rates. Explore Saturday night stay-over rates, an extra night at the hotel may be less than the extra airfare. Use airport shuttles instead of taxis.

9. Show services
Pre-order show services at least 10-30 days prior to the show–electrical, phones, cleaning services, etc. The floor price is often 10-20% higher. Order more wattage than needed so you don’t risk an electrical breakdown and then have to pay a higher floor price.

10. Setting up
Schedule setting up during straight time and avoid weekends and overtime hours as much as possible as it can cost up to twice as much. When possible, use your own personnel to set up your display. You will need to check the regulations specified by the exhibition hall.