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MAXIMIZE Your Tradeshow Impact with Our Latest 20x40 Island

by Nomadic Display 2. October 2010 00:34
While marketing budgets are improving, companies continue to seek choices for how best to invest their program funding. Nomadic offers display designs that may be purchased or, when appropriate, rented which provides you with the flexibility to determine how we can best meet your needs.  Below is an example of the same design offered for both purchase or rental.

Purchase Option: ID29397N

Trade Show Display
Design Features:

  • Counter
  • Overhead Messaging
  • Semi-private Meeting Area
  • Tension Fabric Structure and Graphics
  • Walk-in Storage
Rental Option: 5012
  Trade Show Rental
Design Features:
  • Counter
  • Overhead Messaging
  • Semi-private Meeting Area
  • Tension Fabric Structure and Graphics
  • Walk-in Storage
  • A/V Workstations w/ Monitors
  • Furniture - Tables and Chairs
  • Flooring - Carpet
Ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest purchase design ID29397N and interpretive rental design 5012 today.

Rental Renaissance: How Trade Show Exhibitors Win on Display Options

by Nomadic Display 31. August 2010 19:09
Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for exhibit rentals. One of the primary drivers behind this evolution has been the need for exhibitors to reduce their trade show spending without jeopardizing impact.

In the current economic climate, renting rather than purchasing an exhibit can enable companies to trim their trade show budget—or to reallocate funds from display architecture to marketing and promotion. Participating in trade shows is about generating measurable results, so many companies are turning to rental as a means of creating a strong presentation without having to cut back on pre-show promotion, post-show follow-up, and the other strategies that contribute to making face to face events successful.
Picture 5
Nomadic recently doubled the size of its facility in Las Vegas and increased the size of its rental inventory by 30 percent to service more clients and offer them a wider range of designs. So how should your company decide whether to rent or purchase its exhibit?
Custom-tailored presentations. At one time, renting an exhibit meant settling for a generic-looking display with graphic signage applied to the surface. Not so anymore. Exhibitors can have the custom-tailored environment they need to reflect their company's unique brand and message with a rental display.

Modular exhibit systems are like building blocks. Components are mixed, matched, combined, and blended together with large-format digital and fabric printed graphics. The end result is a display solution designed to meet an exhibitor's aesthetic and functional requirements. Thus, rental exhibits can integrate the same features as a purchased exhibit—from theatre presentations, semi-private conference areas, and interactive demonstration stations to reception desks, storage towers, and lockable counters.
Picture 3
Reduced acquisition costs. At an average of 25 to 35 percent of the cost of a purchased display, rentals are a great solution for companies attending one or two shows a year. As a general rule, if you plan to take the same exhibit to three or more shows in an annual period, it makes economic sense to purchase the display.

Try before you buy. Companies have the flexibility to change their rental exhibit properties as fast as their business and markets demand. Exhibit rentals enable companies to exhibit in different space sizes and configure their display to suit different marketing strategies. Many companies use a rental exhibit to try a new show or enter a new market, then purchase an exhibit once they understand what they need.
Picture 4
Modular exhibits can be expanded or reconfigured from show to show to accommodate variations in exhibit footprint size, or else to accommodate market-specific presentation needs (such as plasma screen monitors or interactive kiosks).

Expand on demand. For companies that have one show a year in which their exhibit space is larger than its other shows, rental can be the most cost-effective solution. Many companies rent an island exhibit for their national event or add rental properties to expand their property for their larger shows.

Industry Experts Choose Nomadic Rentals for Annual Events

by Nomadic Display 19. August 2010 19:31
Tsea When the Trade Show Exhibitors Association needed a display for their annual conference and trade show who did they call?....Nomadic!

Margit Weisgal, President and CEO of the 1,500 member association, had a 20x20 island space strategically positioned in the center of the show hall. TSEA wanted overhead signage to draw constituents, a reception desk to greet passersby and conversation stations positioned at each corner.

Each conversation station needed a couple of stools, a work surface, and to monitor for media – the TSEA website, chapter programming, and videotaped interviews. After visiting Nomadic’s website and selecting a couple of rental designs, Margit worked with a Rental Project Manager to customize the design and graphics. The end result was priced at around $15,000.

The TS2 Show drew over 1,500 attendees. According to Ms. Weisgal, “Our Nomadic exhibit made our brand visible throughout the show floor and drew in people with whom we wished to interact. We successfully met our goals for educating attendees on our programs and driving new members to join TSEA.”

Meet your new trade show team! Zap Creative

by Nomadic Display 30. July 2010 20:43

Big News! Nomadic Display has teamed up with
Zap Creative to bring a whole new generation of trade show exhibit solutions to Bostonland.

From strategic development through design and management, Zap Creative is an exhibit agency with a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven programs. And now they offer Nomadic's full line of custom modular and portable displays. Together we blend custom impact with the savings benefits of light weight modularity to help you achieve a greater return on your display investment.
Zap Creative and Nomadic Display
Contact Zap Creative today to learn how we can help you engage more sales opportunities while you save on transportation, drayage, storage and labor.

Looking for the flexibility to meet your trade show display needs? Our latest 20’ Inline is the answer.

by Nomadic Display 29. July 2010 01:36
While marketing budgets are improving, companies continue to seek choices for how best to invest their program funding. Nomadic offers display designs that may be purchased or, when appropriate, rented which provides you with the flexibility to determine how we can best meet your needs.  Below is an example of the same design offered for both purchase or rental.

Purchase Option: ID28439N

Trade Show Display
Design Features:

  • Counter - Backlit
  • Tension Fabric Graphics and Backlit Graphic Signage
  • Foundation Base
  • Semi-private Meeting Area with Top Rail
  • Meeting Table
  • Literature Holders - Custom Surfboard
  • Reconfigurable into a 10' x 10' Backwall

Rental Option: 4837

RentalDesign Features:

  • Counter
  • Graphic Signage
  • A/V Monitor
  • Semi-private Meeting Area
  • Meeting Table with Chairs
  • Literature Holders - Acrylic
  • Flooring - Carpet
Ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest purchase design ID28439N and interpretive rental design 4837 today.

Elevate Your Presentations without Higher Costs

by Nomadic Display 30. April 2010 01:47
Need a double deck display but don’t want the costs associated with storage, inspections, repairs, and taxes?  Rent it instead. 
Contact Nomadic’s Las Vegas Rental Division to learn more.


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Working with someone that has a green expectation? Then consider Exhibit rentals as an option.

by Nomadic Display 21. April 2010 21:43

Looking for a green way to exhibit without breaking the bank? I suggest you consider an exhibit rental.

But what makes this growing exhibiting trend a way to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener earth? When you rent an exhibit, you’re more likely to rent it from a vendor whose warehouse is located near your show venue. This translates to less transportation time and reduction in fuel use. Another green advantage is that exhibit rentals encourage re-use of exhibit components that would have otherwise been left to disintegrate in storage areas.

And because of the savings you gain from renting your exhibit, you will have more money for creative “green” giveaways that will help you attract attendees to your booth.

To learn more about the benefits of exhibit rentals, obtain a copy of our latest white paper - Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?

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Trade Show Tips

What are the underlying benefits of renting a trade show display?

by Nomadic Display 2. April 2010 00:15
Just a few years ago, if you wanted to ensure you had a dynamic, effective display, your only option was to purchase a customized exhibit. If you wanted to reduce costs by renting an exhibit, you had to make do with generic, one-size-fits-all, often unimaginative displays. This is no longer true.

Today’s top exhibit producers are offering rental displays that are fresh, dynamic, compelling to visitors and customized to meet your unique needs. Now exhibitors can enjoy all of the benefits of custom design impact, effective brand communication, and functionality – and still save money.

But here are other ways an exhibit rental can benefit you and your company’s bottom line:
  • More cash for your company
    Companies that prefer to retain their cash rather than making a capital investment, will see the financial benefits of renting a display. Reducing your operating expenses by renting a display can free up funds to be used on other areas of exhibit marketing.
  • Exact costs per show

    With so much emphasis on ROI, exhibit rental provides a convenient way of determining the exact cost of your booth for every show. This helps you streamline budgeting, accounting, and measurement processes.
  • No costs of ownership
    Renting exhibits frees you from costs involving storage, maintenance, refurbishment, handling, insurance, and eventually disposal.

Visit the Exhibit Rentals section of our website and browse through our rental gallery. Or download our latest rentals white paper “Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?”.

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Exhibit Design and Your Budget - Spend your way to an Effective Display

by Nomadic Display 4. March 2010 23:26
It’s important to consider how much funding to allocate to display design bearing in mind that Trade Shows are an extremely visual medium.

Custom modular displays are gaining in popularity and offer exhibitors custom-built style with the added advantage of being able to be repurposed. Components may be rearranged to offer fresh floor layouts or serve in smaller spaces and be augmented to expand into larger island venues. Many companies are spreading the budgetary impact of their display investment over several events to achieve a positive ROI on each event. Before you start the design process you should ask yourself what other spaces you want the ability to use your display in, to further leverage your investment.


Equally important are the significant savings in operational and ownership costs exhibitors realize with a custom modular display. On average, custom modular exhibits are 50-60% lighter than their custom built counterparts. Custom modular displays can be packed into fewer cases, resulting in dramatically lower shipping costs. So be upfront and direct with your display company regarding your budget. If appropriate, discuss renting your display. This option is a great value to companies who are new to exhibiting, want to test new markets or take an island space for that once-a-year national or international event.

To learn more, download our new guide, "Exhibition Design Strategies that Maximize Results".

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Get more for your marketing dollars at your next Vegas event!

by Nomadic Display 24. February 2010 19:53

Turn to our Nomadic Rentals’ for custom-tailored rental solutions. Rentals from Nomadic are not your typical “out of the box” displays and our rental facility in Las Vegas currently houses more than a million dollars in rental inventory. We have a dedicated rental staff whose focus is managing rental projects and providing rental services.

It will surprise you how custom your display can look and how much you can save in display and freight costs- even without our current free shipping offer. Plus, you are assured of a 24/7 emergency show support!

Why is Nomadic Rentals right for you?
Check our latest client projects.

Download our Rental White Paper, "Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?"

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