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Elevate Your Presentations without Higher Costs

by Nomadic Display 30. April 2010 01:47
Need a double deck display but don’t want the costs associated with storage, inspections, repairs, and taxes?  Rent it instead. 
Contact Nomadic’s Las Vegas Rental Division to learn more.


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Working with someone that has a green expectation? Then consider Exhibit rentals as an option.

by Nomadic Display 21. April 2010 21:43

Looking for a green way to exhibit without breaking the bank? I suggest you consider an exhibit rental.

But what makes this growing exhibiting trend a way to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener earth? When you rent an exhibit, you’re more likely to rent it from a vendor whose warehouse is located near your show venue. This translates to less transportation time and reduction in fuel use. Another green advantage is that exhibit rentals encourage re-use of exhibit components that would have otherwise been left to disintegrate in storage areas.

And because of the savings you gain from renting your exhibit, you will have more money for creative “green” giveaways that will help you attract attendees to your booth.

To learn more about the benefits of exhibit rentals, obtain a copy of our latest white paper - Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?

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What are the underlying benefits of renting a trade show display?

by Nomadic Display 2. April 2010 00:15
Just a few years ago, if you wanted to ensure you had a dynamic, effective display, your only option was to purchase a customized exhibit. If you wanted to reduce costs by renting an exhibit, you had to make do with generic, one-size-fits-all, often unimaginative displays. This is no longer true.

Today’s top exhibit producers are offering rental displays that are fresh, dynamic, compelling to visitors and customized to meet your unique needs. Now exhibitors can enjoy all of the benefits of custom design impact, effective brand communication, and functionality – and still save money.

But here are other ways an exhibit rental can benefit you and your company’s bottom line:
  • More cash for your company
    Companies that prefer to retain their cash rather than making a capital investment, will see the financial benefits of renting a display. Reducing your operating expenses by renting a display can free up funds to be used on other areas of exhibit marketing.
  • Exact costs per show

    With so much emphasis on ROI, exhibit rental provides a convenient way of determining the exact cost of your booth for every show. This helps you streamline budgeting, accounting, and measurement processes.
  • No costs of ownership
    Renting exhibits frees you from costs involving storage, maintenance, refurbishment, handling, insurance, and eventually disposal.

Visit the Exhibit Rentals section of our website and browse through our rental gallery. Or download our latest rentals white paper “Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?”.

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Trade Show Tips

Exhibit Design and Your Budget - Spend your way to an Effective Display

by Nomadic Display 4. March 2010 23:26
It’s important to consider how much funding to allocate to display design bearing in mind that Trade Shows are an extremely visual medium.

Custom modular displays are gaining in popularity and offer exhibitors custom-built style with the added advantage of being able to be repurposed. Components may be rearranged to offer fresh floor layouts or serve in smaller spaces and be augmented to expand into larger island venues. Many companies are spreading the budgetary impact of their display investment over several events to achieve a positive ROI on each event. Before you start the design process you should ask yourself what other spaces you want the ability to use your display in, to further leverage your investment.


Equally important are the significant savings in operational and ownership costs exhibitors realize with a custom modular display. On average, custom modular exhibits are 50-60% lighter than their custom built counterparts. Custom modular displays can be packed into fewer cases, resulting in dramatically lower shipping costs. So be upfront and direct with your display company regarding your budget. If appropriate, discuss renting your display. This option is a great value to companies who are new to exhibiting, want to test new markets or take an island space for that once-a-year national or international event.

To learn more, download our new guide, "Exhibition Design Strategies that Maximize Results".

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Trade Show Tips

Get more for your marketing dollars at your next Vegas event!

by Nomadic Display 24. February 2010 19:53

Turn to our Nomadic Rentals’ for custom-tailored rental solutions. Rentals from Nomadic are not your typical “out of the box” displays and our rental facility in Las Vegas currently houses more than a million dollars in rental inventory. We have a dedicated rental staff whose focus is managing rental projects and providing rental services.

It will surprise you how custom your display can look and how much you can save in display and freight costs- even without our current free shipping offer. Plus, you are assured of a 24/7 emergency show support!

Why is Nomadic Rentals right for you?
Check our latest client projects.

Download our Rental White Paper, "Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?"

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Want to purchase an exhibit but unsure if it's what you need. Why not rent it first. Read to see this company’s solution.

by Nomadic Display 17. February 2010 02:49

One of the benefits of renting is to test drive a new exhibit before purchasing it. Just ask Tybrin Corporation, a Florida-based defense contractor.

They needed a larger display to showcase their company’s latest software products and services for the US military at the 14th Annual Mission Planning Users Conference (MPUC) in Las Vegas. So, they decided to take advantage of Nomadic’s rental services and contracted for a 20 x 20 exhibit.

Pleased with the result of their experience, they took the next step and recently purchased a 10 x 20 inline exhibit that can be reconfigured into two 10’ x 10’ smaller exhibits for their upcoming MPUC events through Bluewater Display in Florida. For more rental options, check out our latest rental offerings.

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Featured Client: Proslides 20 x 40 Island Solution

by Nomadic Display 15. February 2010 23:30
“Nomadic and St. Joseph Exhibits worked with us to give us everything we wanted in the display and kept our budget in mind. The solution they came up with, exceeded my expectations and was very effective in promoting our products at both US shows."

-Tara Casey,
Director of Marketing, Proslide Technology Inc


Proslide is an award-winning Canadian company that develops and designs water rides for water parks, theme parks and resorts around the world.

Client Need
A custom rental exhibit with the ability to expand into a larger island, as well as accommodate multiple graphic images showing the company’s portfolio of completed projects.

Nomadic Rentals, together with St. Joseph Exhibits, produced a scalable custom rental solution—a 20’ x 40’ island used at the Annual World Waterpark Association Symposium and Trade Show in Las Vegas. It expanded to a 20’ x 70’ environment for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions show in Orlando.

Both exhibits featured graphic images of parks and LCD monitors provided additional audiovisual impact to the displays.

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Read How Custom Rentals Can Offer Marketing Flexibility

by Nomadic Display 20. January 2010 01:12

Many exhibitors have encountered a one-time need to rent a display yet many companies prefer the freedom of renting a new display design year-after-year. If you want the flexibility to change your annual presentation at every event, want unlimited design options that keep pace with your business needs, and to control costs by eliminating ownership expenses, then you should consider a custom rental solution.

Companies like these have chosen to rent a custom display from Nomadic for several consecutive years:


Broadview Software, a provider of media software solutions for television and radio broadcast management, participates in the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas every year.

Champions Way, a developer of business management software solutions for the martial arts industry exhibits annually at the Martial Arts Super Show.

Proslide Technology designs, engineers and manufactures custom water rides. They participate in World Waterpark Association and Intl. Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Use your savings on ownership expenses to market your participation in events and improve your ROI.  To learn how you can save thousands with a design driven rental solution, download our cost savings comparison between a purchase and custom rental.


Nine Ways to Get More from your Trade Show Budget

by Nomadic Display 12. January 2010 01:23

Marketing in a challenging economy requires a combination of planning for cost efficiencies, promoting your presence effectively and following through with the contacts you’ve made. Getting the most out of your trade show marketing programs requires that you make smarter decisions. These tips could help your company show smart and stand apart.

1. Set measurable goals.
1 Keep your goals straightforward and realistic to achieve. As you set objectives, determine how you will measure them after the event. For example, within what timeframe will you measure sales? Many companies are experiencing longer sales cycles. One Tradeshow Week study revealed that 60% of all sales from trade show leads close within seven months of the event and 40% close more than a year following the event. If one of your goals is to build brand awareness, how will you measure it - - a post-show survey of how many attendees remember your exhibit?

2. Promote your presence.
1 Attendees often plan their visit to a show in advance. With attendance down anywhere from 15 - 25%, it’s incumbent on you to drive traffic to your display. Your pre-show marketing should focus on giving visitors compelling reasons to put your display on their “must-see” list. Purchase the pre-registered attendee list for promotion, add conference information to your website, and offer VIP passes to your database of prospects and clients. Live demonstrations are among the highest ranking factors for influencing attendee memorability. And don’t forget the press — new products make great news stories.

3. Plan ahead to trim expenses.
1 Ship ground versus air freight to the advance warehouse rather than direct to show site for a bigger discount on drayage. Place your service orders early to receive discounts off of the show rates. Try to schedule your set-up labor for hours which will be billed at straight time.

4. Lighten up and save.
1 When selecting a display property, think lightweight to save on shipping and drayage. Custom modular and hybrid designs are 50-60% lighter than traditional custom-built exhibits. Consolidate shipments to optimize dimensional weight. E-mail visitors product information as PDFs after the event instead of shipping it to the show.

5. Reduce costs with a rental.
1 Get a custom tailored display and eliminate all ownership costs such as storage, repairs, maintenance, and disposal.

6. Leverage your investment.
1 The Center for Exhibition Industry Research reports that exhibit space represents the largest portion of how the exhibit dollar is spent - - 31%. Tradeshow Week revealed that many exhibitors are electing to go to the same number of shows with a reduced space size or go to fewer shows with the same space size. Ask your exhibit designer for a custom modular solution that will reconfigure to meet the changing demands of your marketplace. Custom modular displays are designed to expand or contract to suit multiple venues.

7. Attract more visitors.
1 Within three seconds, visitors decide whether or not they will stop at your booth. Design a display that clearly and immediately communicates what your company has to offer and what you can do for your customer.
Fill the height limit at the center of your space to maximize your presence. An open design that is easily accessible, welcomes potential clients and provides easy visitor traffic flow. To create an open plan, leave about 60% of the floor space open and 60% of the frontage open. Keep key messaging above the 4-foot height of the wall for maximum readability.

8. Train your staff.
1 Even seasoned staff should know the show objectives, key messaging and lead system protocol for the show. Visitors should be greeted by an enthusiastic rep who uses the exhibit as a sales tool. Remind staff that first impressions matter. First impressions are created by what people see, what people hear and the words you use.

9. Follow-up.
1 This is the most important step in maximizing your ROI. Research indicates that 90% of business gained from leads comes from post show follow-up, yet 70-80% of leads are not pursued. Ask your sales team what key data they need captured from prospects so they will be motivated to follow up. Establish accountability for lead handling prior to the show. Appoint an individual to be responsible for capturing and processing leads. Consider categorizing or ranking your leads. Disperse leads quickly and make contact within one week.

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Trade Show Tips

rent or buy: What’s Right For Your Company? 3 common factors that effect the decision making process. Read Factor 3.

by Nomadic Display 18. November 2009 23:14
While the desire to save money may be universal, each company has their own unique set of criteria for their decision making process. Three common factors effect the decision making process. They constitute the constraints under which all programs must function. They are performance, time and cost.

Only after carefully considering these factors will you be able to determine if renting or buying a display is the best option for your company.


Displays are viewed as a variable expense that effects bottom line financials. Consider your company’s preferences for how costs are recorded. Ask yourself:

  1. Does my company prefer to retain its cash and appear more profitable to its shareholders?
  2. Would my company prefer to add a display as an asset to its balance sheet which may be depreciated over its useful life (typically 3 to 5 years)?
  3. Will it be difficult for me to secure approval for a one-time capital expenditure to purchase a display?
Companies that prefer to retain their cash rather than making a capital investment, will see the financial benefits of renting a display.

Reducing your operating expenses by renting a display can free up funds to be used on other areas of exhibit marketing.

Exhibit Rental Designs
In some cases, exhibit rentals are bundled together as a turn key or all-inclusive package. Purchasing some or all of your services from a single-source may enable you to realize additional discounts. Turn key solutions may include customized design rendering, graphic production, structures, lighting, delivery, step-by-step installation instructions, labor supervision and pick-up.

Even greater savings can be achieved on transportation when you rent a display in the city in which it will be used.

And finally, rental displays offer savings by eliminating all ownership costs. Those often “hidden” costs may include monthly storage, in and outbound inspection, repairs, refurbishment, upgrades and disposal.