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3 SpOOktacular Event Giveaways That You'll Want to Include in Next Year's Budget

by Nomadic Display 28. October 2010 19:50

See how Nomadic can make your next Event SPOOKtacular
                    SpOOktacular Event Giveaways
Halloween is right around the corner and I got to thinking about how much Halloween trick or treating resembles trade show attendance. Trick or treaters (your audience) scour the neighborhood (the show floor) looking for tricks (products and services) and receiving treats (event giveaways). Some houses (booths) are more popular than others in the neighborhood because they deliver the goods.  So if you want to be among the popular exhibitors, here are the premium giveaways that will have trades show attendees SCREAMING for more.

Drink and be Merry
Ceramic Mug:

For them Be best in show by downloading our free white paper
Ceramic mugs are a favorite among B2B audiences. Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or prefer the sophisticated undertones of tea, a mug is the perfect platform to get your necessary caffeine fix.  
For You 
Ceramic mugs are a great promotional vehicle for your company.  They are useful, coveted and commented on before/during/after meetings by professional’s companywide. Mugs provide a daily reminder of your brand and heighten your campaign visibility.  For a ceramic mug to be truly portable and widely used make sure the handle is large enough to accommodate at least three fingers of a man's hand.

Learn how Nomadic can take your event to the next level Get Carried Away
Tote Bag: 

For them
Promotional totes continue to be a hit for trade show attendees because for their usefulness in storing: reading material, lunch, groceries, gym clothes,diapers...etc.
For You
A tote bag offers you more visual real estate to communicate your brand (through your logo and imagery relevant to your target audience).  Available in hundreds of styles and colors, they are lightweight to ship and are compact enough to store in your booth since most fold flat.  Unless you are targetting a particular gender, select a design that appeals to both men and women. Consider cloth totes made from recycled fibers to promote your organization as one that is environmentally responsible and prides itself on employing sustainable strategies.

Go for a Drive

USB Drive:

For them Learn how to be an expert exhibitor by downloading our free whitepapers
USB drives save users time and computer space by allowing them to store critical documents in a portable unit, whether they use the hotel business center or their company lap top.
For You
While pricier than the previous two items, usb drives are highly valued and promote business productivity.  USB drives are like business cards, you can never have too many of them.  They can carry your company logo, website url and/or telephone number.  In addition you can provide your company's collateral in pdf form on the drive for attendees to download after the show - Voila you've just eliminated the need to send post show fulfillment!

Stay tuned next Tuesday for how to drill down your social media platforms

Are you ready for some football? Nomadic will appear Sunday on 6 NFL games on Fox.

by Nomadic Display 11. September 2010 00:27
Football After a long (getting longer every year) wait, at last, football is back. And to start this season off Nomadic is going to make an appearance at 6 games in 6 cities on Fox this Sunday.

That’s right!

As you are watching the broadcasters in the booth giving you a play-by-play, take a look at the backdrop behind them. We may not be making or announcing the plays but we are in the booth anxiously awaiting the outcome for each game.

Fox chose our Nomadic DesignLine to use as a backdrop behind the broadcasters for their nationwide games, for its graphic impact, easy setup and shipping.

We will be at New Meadowlands Stadium -  New York, Soldier Field - Chicago, Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, Quest Field - Seattle, and Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis.

Catch you in the endzone!

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Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic lost to Apple Rock 6-9. But had the best time doing it!

by Nomadic Display 13. August 2010 23:34

WE LOST 6-9! But had a blast doing it.

Saturday was a beautiful day for both traveling and the game. The weather for once actually cooperated with us. We arrived at Triad Park which was gorgeous and just huge. We put on our team shirts, practiced for about 10 minutes and started the game.


We agreed to play seven innings but did not realize that it would go so FAST. We played the entire game in only 1 1/2 hrs. Nomadic definitely needed the other 2 innings - we didn't even score until the 5th. Does that say more about us or Apple Rock? We just needed to settle down and find our stride,
and we did score five runs in that 5th inning. But to give Apple Rock credit, they were a well-tuned team.

There was so much laughter, silly antics and good sportsmanship. We can't wait for the next game for a chance to win back our trophy.

Congratulations Apple Rock on your well deserved win! We'll beat you next time.

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Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic plans to trounce Apple Rock in our Softball re-match.

by Nomadic Display 7. August 2010 01:17
SoftballThe game is set. The players are ready.

The Nomadicheads are headed to North Carolina to play the Apple Rock Displayers in our 2nd Softball Game.

So now the trophy's fate is in the hands of the select few who stood up and said "What are you crazy? You want me to travel for 10 Hours for a 2 Hour game?

Okay, bring it on!"

The positions were selected. Practice was held. We had wild throws, missed catches, flung bats and realized we had gotten old. The fate of the trophy was not looking that great.

But then it happened, the spark of competition, the need to win and we had to shift positions again. The team started playing like they been for years, with a likeness to Willie Mays it ended our fears.

With new bruises, sore backs and muscles that hadn't been used in years. Our team sets out tomorrow, with the hopes of a company to bring the trophy back home where it belongs.

Good luck to our players...Pat, Lynn, Dave, Hendrik, Abel, Darrin, Dan, Nathan, Lakia, Archie and Kat
Ode to Marie
Apple Rock had called.
They were up for a game.
Nomadic, it seemed,
Was destined for fame.

The “Skirmish” was set.
Marie had a date.
With destiny, the future,
Her tempting of fate.

The first practice was held
On a bright, sunny day.
Marie was ready and
She was anxious to play.

Marie stepped to the plate
And with an energy burst
Swung hard at the ball
And wound up standing on first.

Marie ran on to second
When someone flew out.
The fact she could run
Was never in doubt.

It all happened so quickly
Some might not have seen
How fast Marie ran.
Like a lightning machine.

When the next ball was hit
Marie flew on her feet.
She thought that she’d make third
Without a missing a beat.

She should have been safe.
And safe by a mile!
But there in her path
Stood Jack with a smile.
Marie’s instincts took over
As she began to drop down.
She made the decision
To visit “dirt town”.

But suddenly the horror
Of what Marie had just done
Was evident to all
Who stood there, just stunned.

Marie desperately tried
To slide under the tag.
She hit rocks. She hit pebbles.
She didn’t hit the bag.

She was out by a mile.
Marie’s slide was in vain.
And her leg was in tatters
And in terrible pain.

Her slide had good form.
It was just a bad field.
Her once beautiful leg
Now appeared to be peeled.

It’s taken quite some time
For her pain to subside.
She lost a chunk of her skin,
But not one ounce of pride.

Marie proudly will show you
This scar that will heal.
Just don’t ask to see it
Before a big meal.

Marie’s a true team player-
A tribute to the game.
And for this, Marie’s been inducted
To Nomadic’s Hall of Fame.

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Announcing the Winner of Nomadic's "Search for Songbird to Seize a Show Smart Solution" Contest

by Nomadic Display 24. March 2010 23:12
Image-resizer Our thanks to everyone that showed how "smart" they were in finding the red songbird among the new featured specials on our web site. The winning design is AB2015OEN.

Drum roll please...and the winner of a complete 8' Instand display is 

Daniel McDonnall


Gwen Parsons

Senior Vice President

Nomadic Display

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