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Nomadic a Top Pick in Exhibitor Magazines Green Gallery

by Nomadic Display 30. September 2010 00:51
See how Nomadic can help you go green
Adopting green practices not only boosts your companies brand among key constituents, but championing green initiatives would make you part of the growing pool of exhibitors that are now seeking to expand their green trade show display options.

At Nomadic Display, we pride ourselves on our Green philosophy and overall commitment to sustainability.  Nomadic’s environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and innovative exhibit design solutions are what puts us at the top of Exhibitor Magazine’s eco-friendly product list.  Below is a sampling of some of our daily best practices that make us an industry forerunner in reducing environmental impact:

Our Printing
We print graphics with non-toxic, water-soluble, 
ultra-violet inks, a paperless ink transfer system, and an infrared ink curing
system thatNomadic's Green Policy eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds. 

Our Custom Displays
The majority of our display solutions are sustainable and recyclable. Our
product lines are designed to integrate with one another so components
may be re-purposed into new display designs or serve multiple applications

Our Shipping
We use only SmartWay Transport Partners with exceptional fuel
efficiency/environmental performance scores. The Environmental Protection Agency established SmartWay to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

With 62% of exhibitors interested in Green exhibiting How is your company growing it’s green event marketing initiatives?

Graphic Production: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Nomadic Display 23. September 2010 21:21
See how Nomadic can take your graphics to the next level

The graphic production arena can be a land mine of daunting terminology whether you are a trade show industry veteran or a novice. To help you avoid blunders before you embark on your next event, we will demystify some common graphic vocabulary from printed collateral to tradeshow booth graphics .

One of the first steps in pre event registration process is submitting your company profile (usually 500 words) along with your company logo.  An EPS is always preferred for the optimum resolution of your logo.

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) – One of the most versatile file formats that can contain any combination of text and vector graphics.

EPS must knows:
Company logos and line art are commonly compressed to EPS’s in Adobe Illustrator because it allows for them to be: enlarged, reformatted and printed without jeopardizing the integrity of the image.
Submission of an EPS file, all though quite large in size, will allow tradeshow services to place your logo into print collateral (such as the tradeshow directory) while maintaining the complexity of your graphic throughout the printing process. 

It is important to note:  unless you have Adobe Illustrator on your desktop, you cannot preview an EPS file.  If you are working with a creative vendor and want to ensure that the file they have supplied you is correct, ask them to simply convert the EPS to a PDF and resend it.

DPI (Dots per Inch) – Another acronym that is frequently confused as a type of file extension (Jpeg,Gif,Tif, Pdf). DPI directly relates to the resolution of an image.  Similar to the EPS, DPI settings can directly affect your printed collateral as well as booth graphics.

Whether you are working with your in-house creative staff on trade show collateral or submitting graphics for your next tradeshow display , resolution is key to unlocking high quality images and creating a “visual speed bump” at your next event.
DPI must knows:
The standard for print images sent to press is 100 - 300 dpi at full size.  As a general rule, the higher the resolution (DPI) the better the quality of your finished product.  An image set at 300dpi at full size can be scaled up to three times without noticeably losing quality.  If your image is grainy and pixilated, the dpi is too low. 

However, the calibration for trade show display graphics is slightly different.  Photographic images intended for booth graphics need to have an original dpi of 100 at full size (100% scale).  Booth graphics are set at a lower resolution because they are being scaled and viewed from a distance.

At trade shows, the higher quality and more vibrant your graphics - the more you will stand out; poor image quality can drastically hinder your overall event performance.

To find out more about how you can transform your tradeshow graphics download our free white paper, All Eyes on You: Graphics That Work

Ampetronic Shines at The Prolight and Sound Show

by Nomadic Display 22. September 2010 21:58
See how we can take your event to the next level

Ampetronic wanted to debut a fresh, cutting edge look at the esteemed Prolight & Sound Show in Messe Frankfurt.  A leading provider of assisted listening products, Ampetronic's hearing aids use induction loop technology which they needed to demonstrate at the event.

Nomadic tradeshow displays are uniquely engineered to integrate with one another so, we breathed new life into the Instand pop-up displays Ampetronic owned for over 5 years. Our design team created a knock-out presentation that didn't cost a fortune.  The result was a reinvigorated design solution with a custom aesthetic at a fraction of the price of a replacement display. 

When unveiled at the show, audiences were immediately captivated by the eye-catching custom portable.  Interaction with the technology was key to dynamically showcase their broad range of product offerings. For audio, visual and functional appeal, the tradeshow exhibit featured touch screens, a transmission signal interruption demo and vibrant signage. The display was accented with mirrored acrylic shelves to provide a 360* view of their devices and an accessory pod with an acrylic top for demonstration. 

Ampetronic’s exhibit surpassed the traditional “pop up look” to command attention at an international event. Download our free Capabilities brochure to learn how we can make you SHINE at your next event.

Does your pop-up allow you to straddle both worlds of portable and modular displays?

by Nomadic Display 2. September 2010 22:40
Nomadic1 For inline exhibit configurations, the critical architecture starts and ends with the wall. New solutions that combine light weight, ease of set-up and shipping, as well as eco-friendliness, are presenting designs with more wall options than ever before. Nomadic's Instand provides you the flexibility to straddle two worlds—Pop-up and Modular.

Nomadic's Instand takes its cues from the custom modular realm of solutions and branches out into a new definition—custom portable. We're seeing momentum building for these kinds of solutions because they have more style than a plain backwall and they're still cost efficient.
These base sections called Foundation assemble manually, and are available in eight colors. That gives designers the flexibility to blend the structure with graphics or extrusions.

A rail built into the Foundation allows snap-on accessories, literature holders, lighting, shelves, workstations, monitors and graphic panels to be added with ease. It all results in lots of flexibility and customization, allowing clients to change the look, feel and function of an exhibit from show to show.

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Check out our new 10' and 20' Inline value-priced display solutions.

by Nomadic Display 18. August 2010 23:08

We hear many of you
continue to seek ways to stretch your marketing budget without compromising on design or capability. To satisfy emerging face-to-face opportunities in your marketplace, we just released 18 new 20’ and 10’ DesignLine hybrid display solutions. Not only do they have the latest features and finishes to attract your audience, but they are value-priced to save you money, AND are scalable to grow or break down to suit different venues.

Check out the Exhibit Designs section of our website to view pictures, price ranges, and more!

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Meet your new trade show team! Zap Creative

by Nomadic Display 30. July 2010 20:43

Big News! Nomadic Display has teamed up with
Zap Creative to bring a whole new generation of trade show exhibit solutions to Bostonland.

From strategic development through design and management, Zap Creative is an exhibit agency with a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven programs. And now they offer Nomadic's full line of custom modular and portable displays. Together we blend custom impact with the savings benefits of light weight modularity to help you achieve a greater return on your display investment.
Zap Creative and Nomadic Display
Contact Zap Creative today to learn how we can help you engage more sales opportunities while you save on transportation, drayage, storage and labor.

Are visitors tired of the same old trade show presentations? Try adding a little creativity to the mix.

by Nomadic Display 18. June 2010 01:05
Creating new, unique and interesting ways to delight and interact with the visitor is a challenge. The traditional approach is designing a display that effectively delivers the company’s key messages, using proactive booth staff who professionally approach visitors and capture information in anticipation of follow up. I began to question if a different method could achieve even greater results.

Nomadic was so experienced at the art of exhibiting that we had become a lead machine. Taking the traditional approach, we always had a great looking exhibit. Our staff were very well trained and we had clear objectives and targets for each show. In short, we were professional exhibitors. Then something interesting happened. We took a much bigger space at the Exhibiting Show in June, and thought we should try something different. The show research from the previous year told us visitors wanted to be excited by what they saw at the show.

We decided to split the space in two. Cautious of moving away from our traditional, yet very successful approach, we put our customary exhibit on one half of the space. For the other half, we took a much more imaginative and creative approach getting visitors to physically participate in a live visitor survey to find out ‘What sense matters most at trade shows?’ Visitors were invited to take part in the challenge of working through activities to test each sense, like putting their hands into slime and feathers for ‘touch’, and sniffing unidentified strange aromas for ‘smell’.

Part of the impact we hadn’t anticipated was how involved the visitors would be, and we know they left this part of our booth feeling we had interacted with them, not just processed them.

The results were fantastic. Not only did we exceed our lead goals, but we secured appointments from 34 percent of the leads, having only expected 10 percent conversion. Since then we have been brave enough to ditch our traditional approach entirely, and just use the ‘What sense matters most’ exhibit. Creativity has really produced great results for us in various ways. We have gained considerable PR and media coverage, we won our first ever ‘Best of Show’ and our staff have enjoyed working in the booth so much their enthusiasm has been re-ignited. Best of all, we have not just taken more leads overall, but they are proving to be of better value.

Looking for a clean and modern 10' x 10' inline booth. Check out our latest design.

by Nomadic Display 13. May 2010 19:32
Make a big impact with a small footprint with our latest 10' x 10' display design. The Turnkey price for this attractive custom portable display is $14,700 - $15,400, a clean and modern design that will focus your message clearly. Plus, you get the reliability and quality product you expect from Nomadic Display, plus the industry's best lifetime warranty.

Design Features:

Ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest design ID29173N today.

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Knocking out the knock-offs: How do you choose the right pop-up in today's market?

by Nomadic Display 6. May 2010 00:43
I was speaking with a new salesperson recently about all the changes happening throughout the pop-up segment of our industry. Imports driving prices down. Consolidation. Relationships between Manufacturer, Distributor and Customers torn down and then reinventing themselves. The Internet — the only constant seen throughout the past 30 years is the presence of change itself.

After a few minutes of what was probably a boring history lesson for this young salesperson, I was intrigued by his first question— if the pop-up market is getting more and more aggressive in lowering costs, why is Nomadic launching accessories that seem to add to the average cost of a pop-up display? Excellent question, I told my young squire.

The vast majority of today’s pop-up displays – and there are dozens if not hundreds that I can see, are being marketed as one thing and one thing only… large graphic backwalls with little more functionality than providing its owner with a temporary, portable billboard. If that is how all pop-ups are being judged, then why WOULDN’T a savvy buyer want to buy the lowest priced version that provides that capability?
Picture 3
In order to answer the salespersons query, I had to go back to my history lesson. More than 34 years ago, when Nomadic’s founder, Ted Ziegler, invented the world’s first pop-up display system, he over-engineered it. Back in 1975, Ted wasn’t trying to make a graphic backwall. Ted was trying to make portable buildings. These portable buildings (temporary field hospitals for the military) would require stability and strength while still offering ease and speed of set-up. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s Ted’s original engineering that provides Instand the strength to support more weight than any other pop-up on the market. This over-abundance of strength has allowed Nomadic to recently develop a line of new accessories for the Instand that transform “a simple graphic backwall” into a multi-functional display system that just happens to be lightweight and easy to set-up.

So, I explained to the young salesperson, the reason Nomadic has launched this new line of accessories in a world of low-cost pop-ups can be summed up like this— Instand should not be judged as a pop-up display system at all. Rather, it should be judged as a highly customizable display solution that happens to come from pop-up stock.

And now you can have the world's most popular pop-up at historically low prices.
Check out our Instand accessories and foundation and see the Nomadic difference.

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What are the added benefits of eye-catching graphics? Read on and find out!

by Nomadic Display 23. April 2010 21:55

Article-pic To maximize the results of your participation in a display event, such as a tradeshow or convention, it is essential that you capture the attendee’s attention, engage with them on multiple levels, and reinforce your brand image.

Graphics play a pivotal role in this task. The better your graphics are, the easier your job as a marketer becomes. Why? Because, in essence, great graphics help in your sales process.

First, great graphics attract audience attention. Visually engaging your target audience involves using carefully selected colors and design elements, to spark curiosity about a new company or to serve as familiar signposts to a friendly face.

Because great graphics clearly communicate not only who your company is, but how you do business and what products and services you’re offering, they attract more qualifi ed prospects to your display.

For example, a buyer for a line of stores specializing in novelty products will take one look at the graphics for a high-end jewelry supplier and realize that they don’t need to visit them. Meanwhile, the buyer for a line of luxury boutiques will hone in on the message given and be attracted to the display. This increases your potential sales. Your graphics act as a reminder for attendees who are familiar with your company to visit you, and they introduce your products and services to completely new prospects.

Great graphics are also one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your target audience. Since your graphics can be seen by a number of people at once, you’re projecting your marketing message in a very cost-effective manner. Well-designed graphics convey essential information about your company to event attendees, maximizing the amount of data that can be conveyed during the average attendee’s split-second attention span.