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Down..Set..Hut! Nomadic Gears up for Thursday Night Football

by Nomadic Display 11. November 2010 00:17

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                        Nomadic Sets the Bar in Set Design

Catch us in the endzone tomorrow, November 11th, for the Baltimore Ravens v. Atlanta Falcons kick off! Nomadic is pleased to announce that the NFL selected a vibrant blue set design needed for their sports broadcasters in order to report a detailed play by play.

NFL spotted the vivid yellow custom sets that we produced for Fox Sports and had to have a set design their very own.  The Nomadic Solutions Studio teamed up to create an a unique custom set that offers unrivaled graphic impact, easy set up and shipping.  If you can't mozy on over to the Georgia Dome, make sure to tune into the NFL network and see us in game highlights.  

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Nomadic Takes a BOW at The Naval Museum Madrid

by Nomadic Display 9. November 2010 01:09

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Nomadic Display creates an OCEAN of opportunities for the Spanish Navy Marines. The Infantry needed a platform to expand their mission critical recruiting efforts. The Armada's existing custom displays were too heavy and cumbersome to set up so the Spanish Navy Marines sought a lighter weight solution. They wanted a custom exhibit that would be easy to assemble and reconfigure to accommodate varied applications.

After reviewing hundreds of design proposals countrywide, The Spanish Navy Marines selected their premier supplier and issued marching orders to MSB Massa Barzano.  The local supplier, MSB Massa Barzano called on Nomadic to assist in the design and implementation of 20 custom displays. The final design enables the Spanish recruitment fleet to use the displays alone or combine them for use in larger venues. 
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Magnetic graphic panels promote the Spanish Navy Marine’s slogan: “An Ocean of Opportunities” and are easily interchangeable to accomodate different target audiences. 

The shipping cases were seamlessly transformed into backlit graphic kiosks and converted into counters for product display.

All of the easily portable displays made their debut at the esteemed Naval Museum Madrid where key stakeholders remarked on the quality, ease of assembly and versatility of the custom exhibits.  The Spanish Navy Marine's custom displays will continue to promote infantry enlistment
in their anticipated installation at 5 Naval bases throughout Spain. 

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Don't forget to check back this Thursday on how to use Foursquare as a springboard for your event promotions.

What You're Missing on Your Event Press Releases

by Nomadic Display 4. November 2010 20:41

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Press releases are an excellent promotional vehicle to gain market exposure for your next event. Whether you are using an outside vendor to submit company  wide press releases or are pushing them out on your own, below is a list of things to remember before your next release hits the wire; this is information that is often left off press releases, yet sought after by journalists and other key constituents.

1) The name and location of the show you are exhibiting at.  How many times you have exhibited at this particular show in the past? Are you a veteran exhibitor? Are you a sponsor? If so what level of sponsorship?

2) Your booth number and the first and last names of the people that will be manning your booth. Journalists and others use this reference to map out in-person visits.

3) A contact name and cell phone number of the person responsible for managing your presence at the show (most likely you). Journalists often need quick access to an on-site spokesperson or expert when drafting a story.

4) Links to your Web site or specific links to product information. If your website has an events calender provide the url .  If you are tweeting from the event, provide the journalist your Twitter username so that he/she may monitor the event activity remotely. 

5) Logos, product shot visuals and compelling booth photographs. A picture says a thousand words. Photos and logos provide much needed graphic elements for journalists while making your news stand out from the rest of exhibitors.  Make sure to provide any information regarding new product launches or special offers that you are featuring in your booth. 

Stay tuned next Tuesday to see Nomadic take a BOW at the Spanish Naval Museum Madrid

4 Tips to Drilling Down Your Social Media Platforms

by Nomadic Display 2. November 2010 21:18

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Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Foursquare are enjoying widespread adoption by event and exhibit marketers.  The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) recently reported that event professionals are projected to spend more time than ever engaging buyers through social media outreach .  A full one-third of event marketers are already spending an average of six hours per week on driving their promotions through social media channels. Social media will help you achieve your goals and gain invaluable customer loyalty.   Before your next event, put on your hard hats and keep these tips in mind

ONE: Be in the right place
Your target audience is not going to be immsersed in every social media site. Determine which platforms your audience is involved in and spread your message accordingly.

TWO: Craft relevant communications
Provide value to your readers that is both brief and to the point.  Think quality over quantity.  For your SEO benefit, incorporate top keywords that link back to your website which can in turn improve your search engine rankings.  Additionally, using your keywords as hash tags on Twitter will expand the reach of your messaging.

THREE: Tune in
Responding to comments is the basis of a two-way communication. It’s essential that you cultivate your online relationships by engaging with your target audience.  Even a simple “@______ thank you” shows that their connection is valuable to you.

FOUR: Evaluate Find out how to can take your event results to the next level by reading our white paper
Monitor your social media performance by pulling simple metrics such as, visits to your corporate website from social sites (via referral) using Google Analytics and aggregate click rates through Bit.ly,.

Create streams based on your top keywords to monitor conversations pertaining to your audience. you can create keyword streams in various social media dashboards such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite

Keeping in mind the above best practices, you should be able to resonate with customers and will see both soft and hard results such as: increased brand
awareness, enriched relationships with clients and prospects, additional press coverage, increased event attendance, increased booth traffic, and even increased sales as direct results of social campaigns.

3 SpOOktacular Event Giveaways That You'll Want to Include in Next Year's Budget

by Nomadic Display 28. October 2010 19:50

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                    SpOOktacular Event Giveaways
Halloween is right around the corner and I got to thinking about how much Halloween trick or treating resembles trade show attendance. Trick or treaters (your audience) scour the neighborhood (the show floor) looking for tricks (products and services) and receiving treats (event giveaways). Some houses (booths) are more popular than others in the neighborhood because they deliver the goods.  So if you want to be among the popular exhibitors, here are the premium giveaways that will have trades show attendees SCREAMING for more.

Drink and be Merry
Ceramic Mug:

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Ceramic mugs are a favorite among B2B audiences. Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or prefer the sophisticated undertones of tea, a mug is the perfect platform to get your necessary caffeine fix.  
For You 
Ceramic mugs are a great promotional vehicle for your company.  They are useful, coveted and commented on before/during/after meetings by professional’s companywide. Mugs provide a daily reminder of your brand and heighten your campaign visibility.  For a ceramic mug to be truly portable and widely used make sure the handle is large enough to accommodate at least three fingers of a man's hand.

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Tote Bag: 

For them
Promotional totes continue to be a hit for trade show attendees because for their usefulness in storing: reading material, lunch, groceries, gym clothes,diapers...etc.
For You
A tote bag offers you more visual real estate to communicate your brand (through your logo and imagery relevant to your target audience).  Available in hundreds of styles and colors, they are lightweight to ship and are compact enough to store in your booth since most fold flat.  Unless you are targetting a particular gender, select a design that appeals to both men and women. Consider cloth totes made from recycled fibers to promote your organization as one that is environmentally responsible and prides itself on employing sustainable strategies.

Go for a Drive

USB Drive:

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USB drives save users time and computer space by allowing them to store critical documents in a portable unit, whether they use the hotel business center or their company lap top.
For You
While pricier than the previous two items, usb drives are highly valued and promote business productivity.  USB drives are like business cards, you can never have too many of them.  They can carry your company logo, website url and/or telephone number.  In addition you can provide your company's collateral in pdf form on the drive for attendees to download after the show - Voila you've just eliminated the need to send post show fulfillment!

Stay tuned next Tuesday for how to drill down your social media platforms

How To Make Your Event INvites stand OUT

by Nomadic Display 21. October 2010 19:47


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Maximize your trade show investment by increasing traffic to your booth at each event. Your pre-show e-vite can have a significant impact on the success of your event.  Below are some tips that will get your invites opened and send people flocking to your booth

Your customer’s inbox is filled to the brim with generic corporate communications.  In fact, 80% of viewers delete their email communications after reading the FROM line paired with the subject line.  The FROM line is the single most important element in building trust with your recipient.  Many times, the FROM line is overlooked in a last minute frenzy to get the event invite out of the door and in the queue.

1)Personalize it  Ensure your e-vite gets noticed by including your sales person’s name with your company name in the FROM line. This builds a relationship with your customer while also reinforcing your brand. 

Your subject line is verbal bait to lure your customers into opening your communications.

Personalize it 
Everyone likes to hear and see their own name. So include the recipient’s name in your subject line to get your message noticed.
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2)Be authentic Clearly state the intention of your message with a sense of urgency.  Do not mislead your viewer into opening your email or you could severely damage the integrity of your brand and corporate communications.

Keep it short
  The ideal subject line is about 6 words in length.  Make sure that the most important  content in your message is in the first 15 characters. Open rates steadily decline if the subject line exceeds 6 words or 30 characters.  Any subject over 50 characters will get cut off in your prospects viewing panel so leave the least relevant for last.

Test what’s best
  Split your list into two groups – A and B.  Send each group a different subject line. Then compare the open rate for each group to determine which subject line gets opened more often.  Use the higher performing subject line in your next e-vite.

Your reply reinforces trust.

Include a signature The sales person’s name at the bottom of the email fosters familiarity and more  connected communication. 

2)Make sure they match
  Your “from” and “reply to” addresses should be the same, even if the “reply to”    emails are going to a generic inbox. A different “reply to” address will often generate suspicion in the     recipient.  If they feel misled, they will be less likely to respond and may even opt out of receiving any  further communications. 


From line: John Smith, Nomadic Display
Reply to: Jsmith@nomadicdisplay.com instead of events@nomadicdisplay.com


1)Alert sales
Make sure to inform your sales team members that their name is being included in e-vite    before it is sent out

Designate responsibility  Assign a person in Marketing or Sales to monitor the the “reply to address”    mailbox so that all responses are distributed in a timely manner

Check back next Tuesday to see how you can use Facebook to lure key buyers into your booth

Top Industry Influentials Weigh in on Lead Management

by Nomadic Display 12. October 2010 22:15

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After last Tuesdays blog write up in lead management I scowered the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) discussion forum on LinkedIN for exclusive insider feedback.  See below what some industry veterans are saying about lead management:

“It's hard to explain to the executives sometimes that the qualitative is as important as metrics.  I currently use a simple spreadsheet to report quantitative and qualitative results which works"okay" but, I admit that I would love to improve upon this.”

 –  Holly Randall, Marketing Manager, Trade Relations

“This has ALWAYS been a challenge, and not just being able to calculate ROI. Convincing management to spend an extra $10 or $20 to qualify a sales lead that costs $150+ to get is a challenge in and of itself.  Definitely a huge gap between marketing's efforts to generate leads and sale's perception of the lack of quality and hence, lack of follow-up...”

 – Bill Wilde, Principal, Marketing and Advertising Let us know how your company Leads the way in Lead management

“If you don't build a collaborative relationship between sales and marketing and establish alignment of business unit objectives, trying to determine ROI or ROO is fruitless. The bigger issue is the ability to align the different business groups to build consensus on a process that will deliver metrics that mean something to the company”

- Steve McWilliams, VP of Sales and Marketing, Information Technology and Services Industry 

”The best is at the very earliest stages to discuss with those who are doing the event why they are investing in it and what they hope to get out of it. Before you leave the room have those metrics agreed upon and in the post event analysis present them as well as any other metrics you feel are relative.”

- Harris Schanhaut, Senior Events Leader, Marketing and Advertising

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Celebrate with us, Nomadic turns..

by Nomadic Display 8. October 2010 20:08

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                          NOMADIC DISPLAY TURNS 35!
Today Nomadic celebrates 35 years of being a market leader in high-quality custom modular and portable display solutions, graphics and rentals for trade shows events and mobile presentations. To usher in the fall season and celebrate our 35th birthday we thought we’d let you in on our exclusive family recipe, Janet’s Yummy Pumpkin Cake. 

You can enjoy this delightful pastry with your friends and family during Sunday Night Football or pair it with your morning cup of coffee. 
Follow the simple steps below and you will be sinking your teeth into moist pumpkin cake that has undertones of nutmeg and cinnamon satisfying even the most sophisticated palate! 

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                                            Janet's Yummy Pumpkin Cake

1box of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix                          
¼ Cup of Water  
4 eggs
½ Cup of vegetable oil                                                                                   
1 Can of Libby's pumpkin puree (16oz)   
1 ½ tsp of Cinnamon
¾ Cup of Sugar  
½ tsp of Nutmeg                                              

Enjoy Janet's Yummy Pumpkin CakeDirections
all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir 2 – 3 minutes. 

Pour batter in a greased tube pan
Bake at 350 degrees for one hour
Let cool for 10-15 minutes before you spread icing (optional)
Recommended: If you are a sweet tooth like me, you might want to spread cream cheese frosting on top of the Pumpkin cake once it has fully cooled.

Nomadic Stars in Tools of the TRADEshow

by Nomadic Display 7. October 2010 19:08
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As a forerunner in the exhibit industry, we pride ourselves on our longstanding history of customer satisfaction. Our innovative exhibit design solutions, exceptional customer service and high quality custom modular and custom portable displays, earned us a top spot in Conventions.net October e-newsletter, Tools of the TRADEshow.

Conventions.net is the world's leading online resource for Trade Shows, Conventions, Corporate Events, Conferences, and Meetings.  Tools of the TRADEshow was sent to over 70,000 industry insiders like your self! Being featured as top supplier for our one-of a-kind trade show displays touches on our dedication to our clients and our ongoing unique product offerings. 

Read the Conventions.net newsletter to get the full story on how we revolutionized the display industry.
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3 Tips to Improving Lead Management at Your Next Show

by Nomadic Display 5. October 2010 20:48
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Are You LEADing the Way in Lead Management?

With the tradesho
w season in full swing, event marketers are having to wear more hats than ever; post show event analysis is one of the many duties that exhibitors are adding to their expanding event marketing agendas. Lead management is a driving factor in effectively evaluating your event performance. With 74% of exhibitors measuring their event performance on leads collected at events, it is imperative that you have an effective means of lead management before you kick off your next event.

Below are some ways that you can optimize your tradeshow lead management so that follow up is streamlined and intuitive. Adopting the below best practices will ensure when it comes time for reporting ROI to upper management, you have results  that support your continuing marketing efforts.

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1) Be the LEADer
Lead retrieval systems will save you time and money from keypunching business card information later. Business cards, although portable and handy can
be easily misplaced so, if you find yourself with a hand full them, take a minute to staple the business cards to pre printed lead forms.

2) Learn to Score
Sales and Marketing too often play “hot potato” with lead management and follow up.  There is a consensus of frustration among marketers and sales teams alike regarding post show lead follow up.  Collaboratively developing a lead scoring system will alleviate the sometimes daunting task of lead follow up and will prioritize action items for the sales division.

3) Stick to your Guns
Whether it’s Sales or Marketing, determine who is responsible for post show follow up and what method of communications will be implemented (personal email – from sales, post show mailers, personal phone calls and/or automated emails from Marketing)

Additionally, the sooner you follow up on tradeshow leads the better; reaching out to leads directly after event tear down (before their inboxes fill up with automated email communications from competitors) shows that you’re dedicated and sensitive to your customer’s unique requirements. 

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