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Some Concepts and Tips to Make the Graphics Printing Process Easier

by Nomadic Display 8. January 2010 00:29
Here are some concepts which can help you understand our graphics procedures better, and make the whole process better, and easier! DPI DPI, or dots per inch, is a term you may already be familiar with. Basically it refers to the number of pixels in every linear inch of your artwork. For example, a 300 dpi print will be 300 pixels of color wide by 300 pixels tall, or 90,000 pixels, in every square inch. For a 8x10 inch print, that's 7,200,000 pixels! 300 dpi is used for photo-qual... [More]


Practical, Easy and Creative Ways to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget.

by Nomadic Display 5. January 2010 22:38
1. Proper planning Proper planning is the most important costcutting tip. Planning ahead saves on expensive last minute charges. Establish a list of key dates and activities. Push due dates back a month so that you always meet your deadlines. 2. Promotional production Produce all of your pre-show mailings at the same time to save on printing expenses rather than printing several times throughout the year. 3. Buying a display Consider the best type of display stand for yo... [More]

Effective Tips on Working With Your Display Designer - Stop Wasting Time and Money!

by ndadmin 5. January 2010 02:32
In general you need a display that serves as a branding tool and a selling tool. Combining your goals with the elements of strong, effective design is challenging. And it is critically important to embrace the appropriate display design to facilitate the best possible presentation of your marketing message and value proposition. This is why it is important to have skilled professionals on your side. While you undoubtedly have many other responsibilities, allow yourself plen... [More]

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