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Most booth staff only approach 1 out of 28 attendees. Are you doing everything you can to engage show attendees?

by Kat Shea 5. November 2009 20:49
In an ideal world, exhibitions would be full of proactive, highly effective communicators who approach and engage visitors with ease. In reality, this isn’t always the case. Industry research shows that booth staff at a show approaches only one out of 28 attendees.While exhibitor training is an absolute must before any show, and may help to improve the skills of your team, the job of attracting visitors to your booth may be better left to the professionals who do this for a living— &... [More]


Trade Show Tips

Looking for an interesting 10’ Inline. Be sure to ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest design DL11093N.

by Kat Shea 4. November 2009 23:51
  Design Features: Sculpted Accent Fins Integrated A/V Workstation Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics Tension Fabric Sctructure Rigid Inkjet Accents Foundation Packs in one RollMax CaseFor more details and additional images for this trade show display click on design DL11093N. 


Have you taken a detailed look at how your company is managing the valuable leads generated by your trade shows?

by Nomadic Display 3. November 2009 23:36
Odds are fairly good that you can improve the ROI on your tradeshow investments. To help you do that, here are helpful quick check tips:Quick Check – Step 1At the end of your next trade show, collect all leads and give them to one person to conduct follow up calls to qualify and rate the leads. This typically includes asking the following questions:• Do you have an upcoming need for our product or service?• Do you have a specific time frame when you will need our product or service?• Can I sched... [More]


Market an Experience

by Nomadic Display 3. November 2009 02:33
Have you asked, what will it take to engage your prospects and persuade them to buy your product or service? One answer is “experiential marketing.” For the past two years, companies have been differentiating themselves and facilitating decisions made by potential purchasers using this strategy. It’s generally defined as live events where audiences interact with a product or brand face to face.  But how is this emerging marketing technique demonstrated at tradeshow halls?  Exhibitors... [More]